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  1. Aren't the gun nuts and the comply-or-die idiots one and the same? Pretty large overlap at least.
  2. I was Bernie or bust last time and voted Stein. I'll vote for a progressive if the Dems put another one up instead of Bernie this time around. If they shove another DINO down or throats I'm skipping the third party protest and voting GOP.
  3. Refs doing their best to keep them within striking distance. This team won't get past the second round. If they make it that far.
  4. Explains why nobody likes you starting all of these threads.
  5. I think you're the first person I've seen #### up then/than in that direction.
  6. They're just collecting it and storing it. They'll look at it later if you become semi-important.
  7. Now I wonder what the difference in compensation is for doing a weekly radio and tv show in LA vs Cincinnati.
  8. 8 trips? YOu are probably wasting that much gas starting you car an extra 16x.
  9. So you think when a guy is falling OOB and throws it off the opponent it should stay the same way?
  10. TT really took UVa out of rythym changing defenses up on them, often mid-possession. Thought Bennet made a mistake ATO (6ish?) when they went back to blocker mover on a short clock. Some brain farts by the kids late getting too deep in the corner let TT back in the game late. Hadn't seen the 4-man version of BM they ran with Guy and Gordon exchanging on the wing/point, was a nice wrinkle. Love the offense but you need fundamentally sound, intelligent players to run it. Will watch the game again with my son this week. Lots of good stuff on both sides of the ball from both teams.
  11. You meanback when they had to shorten the 3-point line to increase scoring. Yeah, fun times.
  12. It was actually pretty good defense, not many open looks. TT finally started getting loose reversing the ball quickly out of the PnR getting UVa into quick close out situations.
  13. They went to Gonzaga after the under 8, didn't even know they ran it but don't see them much. Still watching at the 2H under 16 right now.
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