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  1. Yeah, give Harden KD and another generational talent to play along side and he has multiple rings too.
  2. Yeah, nobody here ever gambles. We don't get it.
  3. We used to play this to 3 points (we called them marks). Instead of dropping cards everyone held their fist out with or without a chip in it. Re-ante after each round so the pot and tension grows. Similar game with marks we played was Challenge poker. Each round goes 2-card-low, 3-card-high, 4-card low then 5-card high. Instead of declaring we had a rotating dealer button for this game and you had an opportunity to discard twice $2 for the first $4 for the second. Guy that hosted was a high end landscaper that built a 15x15 insulated and dry-walled garden house that we played in.
  4. If I get an itch I will. We'll send someone down to the kids table to see if you're interested.
  5. Oh, I'm relaxed. But jfc, if you're going to play a lame poker game at least play something like hi-low split mexican.
  6. Tournaments only gramps. Card rooms frown upon stud tables because the drop/hour is horrible. And get out of here with wild cards.
  7. Yeah, size is a tough thing to overcome and there is just less of it to go around in the women's game. UCONN will hang around but it will be tough to draw big recruits in that conference if they aren't dominating in March. Loved how Baylor adjusted to Oregon's one-in-one-out defense. Flashed the high post and either went high low or drove the back side with numbers. Surprised the HC didn't get T'd up on multiple occasions. No way a dude gets away with those antics.
  8. Meh. He spun before the pass so I wouldn't overblow the vision. He basically just dropped it for him. I wasn't impressed with Curry's on first glance but second time around realized he whipped that up court with his left.
  9. UCONN is done. Geno's arrogance in recruiting is finally going to get him. They have zero size in the last two classes and their top signee was ranked 33rd in the class. They just signed the best 2020 player in Bueckers, a Nash type with length and appear to be the front runners for Fudd (2021) but there is a huge void down low.
  10. The Stanford signee, Belibi is 6'1 and can dunk. Like real dunks. Not sure what her measurements are now but she had a 6'8 wingspan two years ago and allegedly has bigger hands than Anthony Davis. Met her HS coach over the summer and he jokes about how he told her to not even try out for the team as she had never played before 9th grade. Also a state tennis champion in CO.
  11. Their share in the international market dwarfs that of the NFL. NBA revenue is growing 3x faster than the NFL and even the most conservative projections have them passing them in the next 8-10 years.
  12. Wire BB Jury still out on GoT Way too many plot holes in Sopranos for my liking. Madmen put me to sleep.
  13. No, I love Izzo. Was just pointing out that penciling him into the final four every year might not be prudent. Especially given their recent performances.
  14. Putting yourself in a hole when one of your FF doesn't get out of the first weekend.
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