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  1. So is Barrett. Guy has no right hand to speak of. Can't believe MSU let him get strong hand middle as often as they did and still pull it out.
  2. Actually he should be asking himself if the contact created an advantage one way or the other. If it does, then yes, he could call the foul. But how much of an advantage does it give the defender if the offensive player made the basket? I see where you're coming from, I used to be in the same camp.
  3. No worries. If they call every foul it really disrupts game flow. If the kid powers thru minor contact, play on. If it affects the shot and he misses because of it then ring up the defender. IME, most coaches and players prefer it.
  4. I love the late whistle. And this happens at all levels, jr high to NBA. Three things that get an eight or higher on my ref evals, 1) late whistle; 2) watching below the shoulders in the lane; 3) staying with the shooter.
  5. That's about how many of them go broke within two years of retirement.
  6. Yeah, we got a two-seater. Not hot like a normal sauna but it gets you sweating pretty good. We used it a lot this winter.
  7. I bet if you cut off Barrett's left arm he'd dribble with his head.
  8. I don't know about that being a heady play by Harper. I'd rather run clock.
  9. Sorry chief, I'm in a location where it is difficult to watch live so I often Hipple things on here. Please accept my apology so you can get back to crying about the refs and questioning the rules that are intuitively obvious to any semi-informed fan.
  10. This kind of rich, coming from you. One of the best regional final weekends in years and you are still crying about officiating. Stick to tennis or golf.
  11. You're, right, I totally misread. For over and back, three things need to happen: 1) Offensive team last to posses in FC; 2) Offensive team last to touch in the FC; 3) Offensive team first to touch in the BC. They never possessed the ball so no over and back.
  12. So the teams in the second game get into their pregame routine. Nothing worse than warming up and then told to wait another twenty minutes while the first game plays OT.
  13. Dubs fan here and agree. Not his fault guys make crappy contests. His step back move, more often than not is legit. Phenomenal footwork. I can see why a lot of guys here don't get the travel rules in the NBA as most of them played, if anything at all, by NFHS/NCAA rules, but the ignorance regarding what a defender is entitled/restricted to is a head scratcher.
  14. Yup, no defender and being able to line it up and get your steps down is huge.
  15. 2/10 today. One rattled out but another bounced on the rim 4x before dropping. Was winded on the last two shots. I'm out of shape. FTR, 3 switch. 5 rattled out and 6 rattled in.
  16. Running the score up in CA with ballot harvesting isn't going to get you any closer in the EC.
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