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  1. I'd be more shocked by a week old unopened bag of M&M's at your place.
  2. And I've seen worse pushes in the back go uncalled in women's games. Dawkins need to sack up there, drop his ###, and battle for the board. No way you're getting that weak call with 20 seconds left. FTR....life long Duke hater here.
  3. Only thing bad was they went three hunting and ate too much clock initiating. You aren't getting a clean look at three there without a defender having mental lapse and hedging on penetration or not hedging on a pick. They got what they did have on that possession, just a few seconds later than they would have liked.
  4. Trailer makes me homesick. Thought get out was ok. Good thing about being semi isolated is that I am not usually subjected to the hype and go on with no expectations.
  5. The hand off was aggressively defender and he back cut for a lay up. Not sure if you want him to dance at the arc and have the point eat the ball but the cut was the right play. Should have had the guard attack the rim and look fur the kick/contact/easy two.
  6. Pretty sure the analytics show two crappy looks are better than one good one..
  7. It's running late this year. I think Villanova beat Georgetown on April Fool's day (85?). Somebody pulled a huge upset on 4/1 in the final.
  8. One thing you can do is do it with a running clock and you can effectively milk for more than 35 seconds as the shot clock doesn't start until it is touched.
  9. I think Curry's beef is that he doesn't get the same calls. He'd be scoring 40+ a night of he got any respect from the refs.
  10. My friends daughter just went thru it. Her experience was unique in that she was ranked number one in her class. She was allowed eleven home visits and five official campus visits. She'll be playing on the McDonald's game whenever that is and the Jordan brand game in Vegas next month. She just got the Naismith award last week.
  11. You can't call three seconds if the player is dribbling. You are supposed to let him finish his move.
  12. Read it. Looked up the schedule (105-57 and 111-33 look a little odd.) Figured out which PWE he was using. Adjusted his calculation for intellectual honesty's sake. Pythagorean win expectation works on the assumption that all possessions are relatively equal. When you are scheduling cupcakes, those possessions tend to be a little less competitive than playing even a bottom feeder in a P5 conference. Sorry math guy if you can't comprehend the reasoning behind removing obvious outliers.
  13. Remove the games against D3 schools and below (yes they have a USACC team on their schedule) and their Pythag drops to.7801. Guy is using cupcakes to strengthen his argument. I'll go ahead and call shenanigans on the rest of his wall of text.
  14. How are you defining 'deep run' and 'from way back'? Double digit at-large to the regional finals sound good?
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