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  1. I get some of the hate but UNCG's best win of the season came a couple days ago against Furman (Kenpom 54) on a neutral court. By 4. Before that their signature win was at ETSU.
  2. Not only searched at a higher rate, but arrested at a higher rate, convicted at a higher rate, and sentenced more punitively. But pointing out that elephant in the room severely hampers the crutch argument of the profiling apologists.
  3. Not to mention, they were ranked highly before conference play started, ie they made their bones against legit teams, as opposed to a team like Wofford who was ranked in the high 30s after completing their non-conference schedule and has risen to 13 on the strength of beating up on the cupcakes in their league.
  4. Blindly comparing Quad1 games and omitting RPI is pretty disingenuous.
  5. Never really appealed to me. I'll drink at Oktoberfest or nurse a beer at a barbecue, even have an after dinner shot of schnaps or ouzo. Have no problem not drinking while everyone else is at a party. OTOH, I'm always down to partake in a couple of bong rips.
  6. Why do you guys even watch it after all of these similar reviews on here? #### that noise.
  7. Saw Dave Matthews this week in smallish venue. Germans have no idea who he is. Good show but honesty am only a fan of his really early stuff. Can't complain for forty bucks.
  8. Soyou qualified it by excluding players that are playing for the teams in question? Who's argument are you trying to support?
  9. One of my all time favorites is when he diappeared in game 7 against the C's, gets bailed out by Odom and Metta and gives them zero credit in the presser. "how did you guys pull that off?" " I don't know!" Then gets series MVP even though he gave away two games himself freelancing defensively in crunch time while his man (Rondo) got easy put backs. Defense was Hardenesque as far as awareness of where his man was.
  10. You may want to check out the Minnesota HS hockey playoffs. You will think you traveled back in time.
  11. It seems like you are arguing this point under the assumption that complying will avoid further harassment/beat down. The comply or die cucks don't, or pretend not to, take into account that this tack loses viability when comply and still die isn't off the table. And you can state this has nothing to do with skin color all you want, it just makes youcome off as incredibly ignorant.
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