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  1. 1 and done. No killer instinct. Keep it close hope to win in the 4th Q Herminator style. As expected. Megatron needs to start getting vocal about getting the ball. Jerry Rice would never put up with crap like this. Exactly, the OC needs to go.
  2. Look at the news about Brady today. If Suh wanted to win he has/had as good a shot as any right where he is. Seeing Staff, Calvin and Suh were all drafted before the rookie salary stuff went through, they could have, or more like should have, gotten together and saved the team a bundle for free agency. Obviously they don't want to play together. I have this feeling only one of these guys will remain in Detroit....and unfortunately for us it's probably Stafford. lol, Brady is 10 yrs older than Suh and that much richer... ofcourse he doesn't want to leave the guy that made him. But pl
  3. sn0mm1s needs to post more often.

  4. I am down for the league - I left you a message. Give me a call if there is still and opening.

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