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  1. One is seen by millions more people and you need the attention span of a small rodent to consume its content - the other is the State of the Union.
  2. This is simply not true. It may be that to you, personally, Twitter means nothing. However, that is not true to millions and millions of others. When they see something like #lockherup trending that has an effect on their mindset. More people see what is trending on Twitter than read the New York Times.
  3. They aren't profitable because they are addictive, they are profitable because they are extraordinarily good at sending targeted ads/info/ideas to those that are likely to act or be influenced by those targeted ads/info/ideas. You are severely underestimating the reach and efficacy these platforms have. There is a reason places like China restrict or ban access. Similarly, there is a reason we have libel and slander laws - because people believe all kinds of stuff that is said whether or not it is true.
  4. Manufactured or not that doesn't matter it is still getting tons of eyes on something. Also, the point of Google and Facebook and other successful online platforms is that their models do work well in the real world.
  5. You would be wrong. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. etc. aren't worth billions of dollars because their advertising and ability to send out targeted info which is believed and acted upon sucks.
  6. The whistleblower doesn't matter. At all. Not even hypothetically. My wife despises our neighbors. She hates that they park their cars in a way that prevents the snowplow from clearing snow from in front of our driveway. She hates the fact they have two aggressive dogs. She hates the fact they let their trash overflow and it blows into our backyard. She hates the fact they let weeds grow 2-3 feet high. She hates the fact they let their dogs out at 3AM and the dogs bark for hours. She can't wait until there is a "For Sale" sign in their front yard. Now, she did call animal control when the two aggressive dogs got out and started roaming the cul de sac. The fact that she despises them and can't wait for them to move is irrelevant. There are kids in the cul de sac and the dogs are dangerous. If the neighbors have to consult with authorities to get their dogs - my wife shouldn't be outed and accused of whatever because she did the right thing by getting the violent, loose, dogs out of the damn cul de sac.
  7. Sounds great... but in reality it would weaken the US as a country.
  8. You really haven't been paying attention to this board then. Do you think it is honest to say Trump hasn't committed any crimes in office when he is an unindicted co-conspirator in regards to paying off Daniels - and paid Cohen for that while in office? Do you think he isn't obstructing when he refuses to release tax returns - even though the law is clear Congress can obtain *anyone's* tax returns? Do you think he isn't obstructing when he is telling everyone he can to flat out defy subpoenas? I haven't seen a single Trump supporter acknowledge any of that. Do you really think the guy is clean when he has a half dozen close campaign advisers serving prison sentences? Do you think he is clean when both his university and his charity have been shown to be frauds? I mean, he is the President... but the law says he can't be trusted to run a charity - same with his kids. Now, on top of that, he has literally asked "Russia if you're listening" find emails. He asked both Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens. He adopted the policy of kidnapping, caging kids, and permanently separating them from their parents - not to mention the ones that have died in captivity. He has bragged about sexual assault. He has denigrated war heroes and called neo-Nazis fine people. Last I checked he had lied 14000+ times. However, to Trump supporters every single one of these things are all jokes, or irrelevant, or lies by MSM. Hell, Jim Jordan has gone on record saying he has never heard Trump lie and that guy is praised to high heaven along with Trump by his supporters. Disingenuous or willfully ignorant - you can take your pick. I am sure lots of them are fine people but they apparently have difficulty using a Google news feed.
  9. No issue with Conservatives. However, Trump supporters have no desire for honest discussions period.
  10. Wait... so you are arguing for the ignorance is bliss angle as long as you are doing well financially?
  11. No, it isn't. In theory, Putin can get voted out of office. In theory, there are checks and balances in his government. In theory, there are free and fair elections. In *practice* it isn't anywhere close. Trump's attack on the press, Trump's attack on his AG for investigating people in his party, Trump's repeatedly calling his opponents treasonous (with the implication of punishment of death), Trump's willingness to try to subvert elections using foreign influence etc. etc. etc. are all baby-Putin steps. In *theory*, our checks and balances should bring him in line, but it is pretty obvious that this is broken as well. We have one side that prefers power over principle and a lot of people seem to seem to be just fine with that - just as a lot of people in Russia seem just fine with having Putin.
  12. It isn't baffling. They are conditioned to believe anything that doesn't come from Trump or the right wing news sources that tell them every other news source left of Faux News is fake. I am sure an absolutely huge number of North Koreans believe that their great leaders hit aces on the golf course every other hole. No different in this case really.
  13. No one is changing their mind on McConnell. This pipe dream of Trump supporters/conservatives seeing the light really needs to end. They are more than content to dwell in their willful ignorance as long as their side wins.
  14. Uh... no. You see, that assumes that you believe that 1) The system isn't being rigged 2) That those in power follow those norms, rules, procedures and laws. At this point, many of us are questioning both of those things. Russia is technically a democracy - do you think it would be OK for the US to fall into that model?
  15. The official line is that they don't consider it trolling - they call it a "different opinion" - which is laughable.
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