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  1. I rewatched the game and noticed at around 9:00 in the fourth quarter, Ty’Son took a mean shot to the head from Jonathan Abrams. He then got up and immediately ran off the field. 4-5 plays later Murray ran in his TD. Murray’s only impressive run of the game. Williams ended up coming back in at around a three minute mark and then played in overtime, but the ravens just did not run the ball very much in the second half. Ty’Son’s one poor read option exchange that left Jackson on the ground and multiple poor attempts in pass pro is what I’d be worried about as a coach, but he looks better than Murray and better than I anticipated in every other facet of the game. Will be interesting to see how workload is distributed going forward. I’m not starting Murray or Williams until we get a better read. (I don’t own any Freeman.)
  2. Since I’m trying to hedge my Jacobs bet, is there any chance Ragas gets some run at some point this season? Looked good to me in the preseason.
  3. I’d agree with this if us vax’d folks weren’t able to spread it as well. Until then, it’s BS.
  4. I'm not seeing it either. Will be interesting to see how he progresses through the years (or not).
  5. I went back and looked at CMC's preseason usage the year of his breakout. Short of catching a breather, he was in on every down and situation. Let's see how Gibson's usage is handed out tonight, but for the most part, I'm out on the CMC role as his trajectory for now. McKissic is actually great in his recieving role and even though Gib was a WR in college, his route running doesn't shake a stick at CMC and McKissic's. That toe worries me as well.
  6. I wouldn’t drop Dobbins yet. Just faced one of the toughest run defenses and has a cake walk coming up. Should wait to see how things look when Ingram comes back.
  7. I’m starting to consider Foreman for the backup role. McNichols CoP.
  8. I'm thinking she knew something she wasn't sharing. 😄
  9. That is a guess by someone who doesn’t know. If the careful Packers medical staff clears Jones, it’s game on.
  10. This is Brady's guy. AB will be heavily involved.
  11. What do you make of this? First @Robdemovsky tweets.. then @Stephania_ESPN says...
  12. Evans to score less than 2.5 Possible is Bradberry blankets him.
  13. Glass Johnson is already in the blue tent. FFffffff!
  14. Profootballdoc said the same thing about Miles Sanders before he came back in week 2. I didn't see a hitch at all there either. When Sanders returned, there he looked 100%.
  15. Yes, that too. Calf injuries can get gnarley.
  16. I’m glad they’re taking the cautious approach. Get Jones to 100% for his cake walk playoff schedule.
  17. I'll stay hopeful, but not going expect AJ playing. Seems like teams will strategically call it a GTD when it's worse. Calves can be tricky.
  18. Thanks. Is Evans expected back this season? If so, do we think he'd be the primary cuff again?
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