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  1. True. I have Level 1 on Fidelity. I'm not jumping in head first. I'm just learning and trying to understand the mechanics before I advance any further.
  2. I did not realize holding the long call would be considered collateral for selling the short call. See, learning something new. Thanks!
  3. Ok. I'm an idiot. I fully understand that. I have begun researching different methods of call/put strategies, and I began reading about 'poor man's covered calls'. So, this is being sold as an alternative to normal covered calls because the upfront capital is not required to enter the trades. Example: Stock at $100 Purchase (Expiration 2) 90 call for $15 Sell (Expiration 1) 110 call for $5 Net debit = $10.00 on a 20-point-wide long call diagonal spread But, here is where I get hung up. In order to sell a call, do you not have to own 100 shares of the stock? So, the
  4. Pumping up my LT positions. Trying to avoid looking at my account balance...
  5. Completely random connection. Dude that plays the doctor when Romanov gets shot by Bucky in Winter Soldier that goes on a date in the support group with Steve Rodgers in Endgame.
  6. They tried that earlier...17 of them are watching from the garage now....lol
  7. I knew about the 4 hour length, but first I've heard anything about it being split. I don't see that happening.
  8. Individual shutoffs are something you see in areas that freeze regularly. Not Texas...GLGB
  9. Outside faucets get wrapped up if they cannot be shut off and drained individually.
  10. Not CGI. He was shooting Mission Impossible and they wouldn't let him shave it for the Justice League re-shoots. Watch the link I just posted. The moustache is very specifically going to be gone from this movie...
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