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  1. The thing is, no one knows what it needed to be statistically significant. I'm not sure what the FDA says they needed to meet.
  2. After sending chas concerns: I know. But they are still enrolling critically ill for that reason. So I think that's a good sign.
  3. It is, because it screaming scam. At the least not worthy. Its easy. Everyone take out the money and vested interest. Do a pro and con list. Its cons big. But doesn't mean....there is the carrot
  4. I am sure this matters alot and will text her this.
  5. I told the results and it wasn't bad. But no context. Giving the opinion on the little info I give.
  6. Some person that I don't know is going to the government site to give there opinion. They are not immersed in this like we are.
  7. My daughter is going to do more research. She is much more positive than me.
  8. Then this: I think it's promising for the Covid. I would expect it to get approved for that indication.
  9. I'm done. Sent the results to my daughter. I think it's good. 24% is pretty impressive.
  10. The good news is it will drop like a rock Monday first 30 minutes and rebound some. Sell then. If you have faith buy back some. But I will be out unless it hit under 2.
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