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  1. There are no new strains. They are always there. The "new" ones are the ones that survive and the shot doesn't do well against.
  2. It doesn't change, quit being ignorant. I will explain this if necessary.
  3. I followed the science. Had Covid before vax were available. Some how this is the only virus in history that you have and you are not protected. You go to the cdc website and is says getting COVID twice is rare. Pretty plain page. You go to the cdc website and ask if you can get covid after getting the vaccine and there is animation and all kinds of marketing but they never use the word rare. Why?
  4. Bring you PS5 and run a sports tournament. Winners get steak, losers get wings. Drink through out.
  5. Why do vax people deny science when it comes to natural immunity? The question should never be about how many people are vaxed.
  6. It works but the dosage needed is much higher and hasn't been studied in humans. The crap that Trump pimped worked in Kidney cells where there was only one way for the virus to escape. But lung cells have 2 escape points and it is not effective there. It was a bad study where it succeeded.
  7. I just wonder why hundreds of millions were spent by government entities to promote the shot rather than using the public service announcement system for free.
  8. You make great points. Bear killing D is funny. I agree with you plus Doggie was loved here. They are analytics driven. Reason for goalie changes. I personally think it was too soon to give up on Ned and while he let up some bad goal in the playoffs his GAA was under 2.5, I believe when pulled in TB series. Plus he has shown the ability to improve. I don't think you can ride Mrazek to a cup. Hamilton and D'Angelo's analytics are supposedly close but you throw out having a great character team which they pimp alot with that signing. Feels like a step back unless KK and one of the goalies have career years.
  9. They wanted a 8 year contract. Aho is a UFA after 5 years now. Pretty big deal IMO. Now its 3 years, ouch.
  10. Or you test positive and they tell you to get some Emerg-C and stay home.
  11. Flu shot still can help against strains it wasn't designed for.
  12. Predict. Shots given were for original and not as effective against delta. Very similar imo.
  13. A sterilizing vaccine stops people from shedding the virus.
  14. Original polio virus killed too many kids but that is forgotten.
  15. I will give you the headline. Vaccine no benefit to people that had covid....We were just doing the best we could to protect everyone.
  16. My theory has zero marking dollars behind it. Yours 1 billion, in marketing. Why? Do you really think the people that won't pass health care for all care now? Really?
  17. It still drives me nuts that people think getting a shot with part of virus that goal is to stimulate an immune response is more effective than having covid and fighting off the entire virus.
  18. And this is better than fighting off the infection? Plus not being sterilizing? Its a flu shot. Does same thing. Tell me how the covid shot is different from the flu shot?
  19. What are you guys doing? Just curious. I know it is not mucking up a thread.
  20. Does the CDC request people that had small pox and polio get the shot or consider them immune?
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