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  1. Just for this phone call. He had a list of 6 demands. They agreed to meet 4 of them.now that is funny (and the best part of that little ####).What were they? 1. Gary has to tell him about the acting opportunity.2. They can't call him Eric the Midget during the call. 3. They can't have anyone call in and call him Eric the Midget. 4. He wants to get paid (Howard relented and gave him $711). I can't remember the other two. RE: #4Howard only relented after Eric agreed to release that demand. He was willing to pay Eric, but he wanted Eric to say he'd do it for 0.0 dollars and then they 'found' the 7-11 money
  2. Great thread while it lasted. Going to be pretty funny to watch the air go out of it nowLike a lead balloon.
  3. I started a thread on SFN yesterday morning and it exploded....close to 1,500 posts and 60 pages of great fun in a day and a half. So is there any proof Robin actually finished the race? I'll save you some time and if you check out Robin's twitter page (@rqui) she's getting just raked over the coals. Summary: There is no actual proof that Robin actually finished the NY Marathon as she claims to have done...
  4. Arg I forgot all about this. Can someone PM me where I can easily watch this online to catch up? I don't want to come back here for the answer and spoil anything for me.
  5. I finally figured out who you are. :thumbup:

  6. No wonder Pearl Jam loves playing here... Eff Tickemaster...
  7. great detective workThanks, but I found it it on SFN...someone dug up an article on her that mentions her being with the Don Buchwald Management Team or something like that.
  8. Wow you mean this sort of thing goes on?! Who would have guessed it?
  9. You know that chick they shoehorned in for an unusually early to promote her unrated movie "I Spit On Your Grave" that just opened in SIX theatres Nationwide... Sarah Butler...well yes she is hot...but you should know that her agent is Don Buchwald...same as Howard. So while it was a bit refreshing to hear an interview with someone who wasn't a retread like Jessie Venture or Joan Rivers, etc... It was an infomercial for one of Buchwald's clients.
  10. My son, like most toddlers, thinks dinosaurs and farts are awesome. So he lets one rip Sunday and he says I'M A FARTOSAURUS!!! Now...my in-laws are a little...reserved...and don't really appreciate the word fart...well...my MIL doesn't and my FIL just gives in. Anyway, so he did this while we are there and I calmly say, "Buddy, I know you think that is funny, but you know that Nana doesn't appreciate you saying that." Peter: But Dad, I didn't say fart...I said FAR-osaurus. Like Far, Far Away. Then he gives me the least subtle smirk ever and runs off laughing. Smart little bugger...
  11. This reminded me of an embarrassing one...Years ago a neighourhood kid (around 5 at the time) asked me, "How come you have boobs? Only girls have boobs."
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