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  1. negative - whew.....we are leaving Thurs...any reason to get another test closer since this one was only 3 days after exposure?
  2. Guy at work just tested positive - Pfizer vaccinated months ago......I was a few feet away talking with him at the office for about 5 minutes Thursday....Ive had a runny nose and sneezing last 2 days but I do have allergies....no fever or anything but we are supposed to leave for vacation late next week so Im going to get tested tomorrow. I had Moderna vax but these breakthroughs are making me nervous....
  3. 19, 16, 13....all virtual.......wife is uber conservative....
  4. So got my wife and I got second shot about 2 wks ago....I want to get back to semi normal but my kids havent gotten the shot yet so my wife is not comfortable with us doing anything ...im flying to Florida in a few weeks and she wants me to quarantine for a week when I get back and get a test before seeing the kids. .Ive seen some articles about carrying and passing on the virus even after vaccination but nothing conclusive... Any idea when theyll know more on this issue?
  5. just got a text from a parent/friend organizing a group play date for the kids this pm....smh
  6. Family of 5 in NJ - not really an alarmist but taking the cautious approach....cancelled all of our stuff....making kids stay home - few weeks of supplies and planning on a home bunker for a a few weeks just in case....luckily we both can work from home and schools are via internet next few weeks shocked to see very few in my area following suit - they are treating this like a snow day....kids are out playing together closely...adults going out to eat, going to parties and bars ...my kids are getting heat from their friends saying we were being ridiculous....our own friends and parents have said the same..... Im staying the course and if it was an overreaction so be it...but I am literally shocked at the carefree attitude in upper middle class area.
  7. I hope I am missing something - filled out the net price calculator for Lehigh and got $71,000!!! No merit aid/grant aid - only thing noted was possible $3,500 student loan....ugh. I really thought a 1480 on SAT would get some merit aid....I mean my wife and I do ok but nowhere near enough to pay full freight on a $70K yrly tuition.
  8. He's interested in engineering.....top 3 so far are Lehigh, Bucknell and Stevens......Lehigh would be his #1 but think it will be tougher to get merit aid there vs the others....all over $70K sticker....may have to look at 2d tier like Rutgers/Penn St for price which is much lower but also much lower on his preference list....
  9. so just started browsing this thread - some good stuff here...my Sr son has a top 3 but leaning toward general admissions based on getting another semester of grades in and we are nervous that any ED would limit financial merit aid which is key..... Our 1st pass on "need aid" was a whiff as we make good money - but living in metro area it goes quick and we only have saved enough $ for 1 yr per kid if tuition is around $50K per yr.....the sticker on his top 3 schools is going north of $70K per yr......just cant afford that and dont want both of us to get crushed in loans....Id be all in on $50K per yr but dont know if merit aid could stretch that far....his GPA is 3.95 (weighted) with a 1480 on SATs....hoping SATs could get him some merit aid but just have no idea what to expect in amounts or how it works - any thoughts, links or other threads to help out?
  10. good stuff anyone have the treadmil....its really good but nowhere near the content of the bike...lousy music and not enough beginner modes (ie:couch to 5K program) - I know the bike has been out much longer....does the content build re music and more offering for beginners?
  11. ..we replaced our gym membership - where we would never go - with a Peloton treadmill....very cool and love using it as well as the stretching/lifting classes.....we have a regular bike and are looking at upgrading to the Peloton bike....good info in here - biggest for me is how rough is it to get used to the seat? Ive taken spin classes before and the seat is so painful it almost ruins the workout lol.....also I see there are lock in shoes - worth it? Definitely using the at home stuff more than going to the gym - should pay for itself within 2-3 yrs even with the monthly membership
  12. I had some black market Juul carts and I gotta say they tasted funky.....not saying they were tainted but I def noticed the difference before hearing about the outbreak - I stopped using as it was hitting way to harsh and wasnt worth it..... Until my state goes legal so can be sure ill be sticking to flower.....I love vaping it - have a Mighty which worked awesome for a yr....started losing vape clouds....finally cleaned it out good using the vids online and it is hitting much better....vaping IMO is smoother, easier, quicker, better on my lungs, convenient with much less smell/mess....
  13. great thread - thanks for all the info - currently $457K for 22 yrs left on my 30 yr 4.625% loan - kids going to college soon.....would really like to move to a 15 yr and build more equity...house could appraise anywhere from $530K-580K so a bit of a crap shoot.....does it make sense to wait until rates (hopefully) go lower and I get the equity a bit higher to ensure I hit the 80% mark? if it ends up at 85% or so would i need pts or mortgage insurance? also didnt calculate closing fees/costs - do those get rolled into the loan if any? converting to a 15 yr would add $500 per month to payment (not easy but doable) but cut 7 yrs and increase principal by $1,000 per month any thoughts? thx!
  14. invested in the Mighty vape....outstanding....best device I ever had! not as portable as Pax 2 but still fits in pocket and works so much better!
  15. so finally was able to get the generic in my pharmacy from Cialis to Tadafil....price went from $140 for 3 pills to $120 for 4 pills....WTF...thought it would drop to like $5 per month..
  16. anyone have an auto cleaner for it? I can never get it clean and think its responsible for my cough that wont go away....
  17. thought I heard the patent is expiring on Cialis this year and generic would be available by years end....big fan but 3 pills at $80 is ridiculous!
  18. Didnt see this move coming but makes sense with them picking up Demario - saves $ and gets younger. interesting they both have the same limitation in not being able to cover. Harris was a very good Jet and the best 2d rd pick in a swamp of busts. wish him well. Jets released ILB David Harris. The move wipes Harris' entire $6.5 million salary off the books. It comes five days after the Jets reacquired ILB Demario Davis from the Browns. Now 33, Harris has lost a step, but hasn't yet gone off the cliff. A 10-year veteran, Harris had been a starter for the Jets since his rookie year in 2007, making him the longest-tenured member of Gang Green. The Jets are gutting the AFC's worst roster.
  19. invested some league winnings in Pax 2....loved my original Pax but well worth the upgrade....didnt seem the 3 was worth it after researching the upgrades. Wife started complaining about smell so invested in the smoke buddy - anyone else use this? First time last week and pretty sure it worked but she was sleeping so will need another run to see for sure....
  20. Independent voter - voted BC twice...Bush twice...Obama once and Gary Johnson this year. Few thoughts that would win me back as an indy voter...I assume there are a lot of us.... 1. Stop the rhetoric that anyone who doesnt vote dem is a moron, racist, bigot, sexist, jerk....I understand that extremes are on both sides but I definitely noticed much more on the dem side this year and it seems to be getting worse. 2. clean up the primary - the entire Clinton campaign seemed like a coronation pre-planned 8 yrs ago by some back room deal with Obama when they ran against each other the 1st time.....it became more apparent when the DNC did everything possible to get rid of the Sanders "distraction" instead of having real debates, dialogue and listening to a bunch of angry people in their own party....it seemed the DNC was so anxious to anoint Hillary they didnt care how bad it looked....and it looked pretty bad. 3. stop the dynasties - people are sick of it...Bushes done...Clintons done...please dont recycle Chelsea for a run in the future....fresh face and new ideas....actually listen t what people are saying vs cramming platforms to all.... 4. outside the box - HRC was possibly the most politically tainted and corrupt candidate of all time - yet they ran her and were shocked when she was rejected. time to go outside the box ala trump and find a candidate that can rally the masses without the baggage. 5. keep an open mind - stop the crying doom and gloom....you will never win over a bunch of people that went to trump by crying about it and acting like they destroyed the world. these people want to be listened to and acknowledged - pointing fingers and protesting not going to help....also dont dismiss every idea that comes out...people are sick of that as well...it's time to find some kind of common ground and get things done. Hope to see a DNC rebound - I am socially liberal and not happy in general with how things are currently....not a lot of faith in Trump but as I was always annoyed at the ripping on Obama from the start and not giving him a chance I am annoyed at the same here....let the guy at least get in office and show some decisions before crying end of the world....I was encouraged he wasnt so pig headed to at least acknowledge some parts of Obamacare are ok...fingers crossed!
  21. Lot of women coming forward.....like a slow landslide....many I have read though claim they were raped then continued to hang out with him.....that doesnt bode well for credibility but the sheer numbers at this point are going to do him in.
  22. Probably just stirring the pot....but It would be best if you tread lightly..... (CNN) -- More "Breaking Bad" yo? The series star Bryan Cranston seemed to drop a major hint in an interview with CNN's Ashleigh Banfield Thursday. Asked by Banfield if his character, Walter White, died or not, Cranston said, "Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything. Or say ... you know." He left the rest up to viewers' imaginations. In response to questions about whether the character could show up in a movie or anywhere else ever again, Cranston said: "Never say never." Whoa. He may have been teasing, but that remark revived hopes for countless fans who still are mourning the loss of the character and the acclaimed series. The show literally went out with a bang in September 2013 and there was even a mock funeral held for the character in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the series was set and filmed. Cranston has remained busy since the series ended, most recently starring in the summer film "Godzilla." And AMC has announced that "Breaking Bad" fans can look forward to a new series, "Better Call Saul," which will bea spinoff featuring criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.
  23. This may be the best show on TV right now.....is it locked in for another season or 2 at least?
  24. Another great episode....Frank's surgery and "Dr." had me rolling....glad he has a chance to get a new liver because the show is best with everything revolving around him (except Sheila - time to move on!). Very surprised that Fiona went down even further - is it rock bottom yet? How many more eps left?
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