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  1. I will take a beating on this perhaps 12 team, ppt, flex Sent off Amari Cooper, Diantae Johnson, Gus Edwards Got 1.3, 2.3, 2021 1, 2021 2nd 21 picks will be 8 to 12, should be a playoff team Gives me 1.3 along with 1.5, 1.7 Build around Antonio Gibson, Jefferson. Still have some guys to deal, Rodgers, OBJ, D Parker for a youth movement
  2. https://www.hogshaven.com/2021/4/13/22381886/washington-signs-sammis-reyes-te-prospect Anything to see here Scores an 81 on the explosive scale
  3. Claypool could have netted so much more than the gamble you just took. Could have snagged Hilton for a late 2nd, or maybe 3rd
  4. Mattison for me. Bought him for a 3rd and 4 pick bump in the late second round. I think he is a starter once his rookie deal is up
  5. Intrigued.....even though j told myself I would never draft this idiot after the dog pee incident
  6. Thanks AD.......and I missed that I guess, I knew a decision was going to have to be made, and cook is the answer So Mattison is a ufa in 2023, age of 25. I can live with that, and he will have fresh legs, and essentially cost me a 3rd rounder
  7. 12 team, superflex Sent 2.7, 3.7 Received 2.11, 8.11, Alexander Mattison He's only 22, and the Vikes are gonna have to make a decision at rb .....pony up on cook, or let Mattison walk. Gives me a few guys to hope pan out at rb.....edmonds, eno, Gus Edwards, penny Only decent backs are Hunt, and Gibson
  8. Right now, I see 4 qbs, 4 wrs, 3 rbs going ahead of him in SF. That would put him at 1.12, at the latest Luckily, there is no combine, otherwise I'd see him vaulting as high as 1.7, 1.8 In non super flex, I have easily at 1.9, and not afraid to move up to 1.6. Even if I overpay, it will be a joy to not roster 3 to 4 tes and clear up some precious roster spots
  9. Seeing mock drafts that Sewell gone by 3, and Bengals taking Roshawn Slater at 1.5 2 questions 1. Is Slater really good enough to be taken at 1.5? 2. Does he roll up his sleeves? Could we possibly be saved by a trade back?
  10. Finally......cut this dude. Reminds me of Dwayne Howe, just collecting a paycheck at this point
  11. Neo above turned me on to his work and that Tundra blog, and my dynasty views had a roadmap from that point on. May God Bless his wife and son and hold them safe. Rest in Peace Chris Wesseling
  12. I feel saddened at where our country and society is heading towards and what we have become We won't be able to communicate at all without fear of offending someone. I usually say I have instead of I own, just bc it sounds better grammatically speaking. I won't take offense either when someone says I own something either. Chances are, they own it bc they earned it.
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