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  1. I've felt like stressed our garbage since August, so while that advice was given with good intentions I twisted it into something it wasn't. It's been more than a decade, but maybe some of my ex's bad habits stuck with me.
  2. The bottle of red was fantastic. It led to 5+ hours of good sleep then another 2+ hours of #### sleep, which was vastly better than the 4-5 hours of #### sleep that likely would have resulted without it. Committed to conquering this work stress demon today, so sleep isn't impacted again pre-race. Even if I'm successful I'm still in a horrible neck-up position though. I've been stretched too thin everywhere for months and have spent zero mental energy preparing for this thing. No matter what I do between now and Sunday morning I will be under-prepared. But I've cleared all health hurdles needed to toe the line. Therapy session outcome confirmed the strain is healed enough to run. Given the timing of the injury there is no guarantee it'll hold up through a race of that length, but that was known at the original diagnosis. I attacked the injury last week at the gym and as much as I could in the time in between, liberally doing RICE when not. I passed my single leg elevated hop test Saturday then got back out there Sunday. After 5 successful miles a little under 8 minute pace I picked up to MP to see how my body would respond. There were no issues then, later in the day, nor the next morning so I decided to do a little more of the same Monday. After 4 successful miles a little under 8 minute pace as you saw I cranked out 2 successful MP miles without incident. My HR definitely got my attention though. Isn't anything I can do about it right now, but I need to create a few different plans before Sunday. I also have one more therapy appointment scheduled. Wasn't planning on it, but my massage was cancelled because she is recovering from an upper respiratory infection. If she's well enough Friday then I'll try to cancel therapy and do that instead as given all of this stress I think I need that sort of treatment more right now. So...plan? I need to make one. And I doubt I actually do that before Saturday unfortunately. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. Depends if Baker's out for 6 weeks or if he's doing season ending surgery now. The latter and it's fork time. The former and the wildcard is still in play if we win tomorrow.
  4. You know your race prep week is going well when you're busting out a bottle of red on a Tuesday night because the stress ball is wound so tight you know you won't sleep well that night without it. Maybe I'll be smart enough to stop before the bottle runs dry.
  5. I mean, he is the primary backup now. The goal is for him not to be in a week, but calf injuries have a tendency to linger.
  6. Strnad probably has the most 100% snap potential. Gonna be tough for Kiser to get more than base downs, especially since he just got there. Browning is the most talented option, but he's a project. Keep an eye on Cooper's usage too.
  7. I'm still amazed at and motivated by this performance. Probably will be for some time too. Simply incredible given everything thrown at you the last 2+ months.
  8. If getting to Boston is the goal, regardless which year, BQ-10 is the target. It may come with a couple-few minute contingency, but best to prepare as if there isn't one.
  9. Her weekly mileage the last 2 months has been consistently higher than it ever was before her first 2 attempts. Problem is with trying to answer your question citing objective information doesn't exist since she is doing her current work more fatigued than before. No apples-to-apples data comparing workouts now vs spring/summer 2021 and the same timeframe in 2020. Really need a full cycle in order to have a good dataset to cross reference. Ultimately, I think the decision depends on how important it is to get the BQ now. If it isn't a priority then pace Mrs. G. Unless there is some other benefit that I'm not considering.
  10. The team entered the season (arguably) without any meaningful holes in the starting lineup and with developmental depth in several key areas. It's almost impossible to fortify every position - nature of the beast in the NFL though. That's a feature; not a bug. OBJ is just low hanging fruit for the under-informed to lazily take swings at while the issues through the first 6 weeks of the season are way more complex than that.
  11. YES!!! As long as he's not full blown bonk the crowds over the last 10k will carry him home.
  12. If he sustains through there then he'll be in a great place for the home stretch. Don't recall specifics, but the meaningful inclines on the course are miles 17-19 or so.
  13. This is why my rods and cones keep getting messed up. It's based on the registration window, which has been different the last 2 years but hopefully isn't anymore.
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