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  1. They're an active quad exercise, but they should be immediately followed by a rusty trombone.
  2. Point 3 is where I'm heading in my response... Not knowing what you're doing for stretching I'm sure it's effective, but I think the long term remedy is likely less glute work and more strengthening what's around it. And doing it via a variety of different movements. I think another reason I ran into my recent back issue is I've been doing a lot of the same exercises since my workouts moved inside in November. I have much less space to work with, so I've been doing the same 12-15 exercises rather than my library of 30some I rotate through outside. I'm anxiously looking forward to the w
  3. I think I need more information to provide a good assessment, but these items were the first that came to mind when I read @Zasada's post this morning. Are you sufficiently fueling? and is your body strong enough? And they both feed into each other, pun unintended. I think if you up the intake and focus more on building functional strength then your body will be better equipped to break through that glass ceiling. I get that mountains and miles are your comfort zone, but if your objective is to unlock the next level then you gotta step out of it.
  4. I don't know, but our kids (5, 8, 10) have a remote day once every 2 weeks and did a full week both after Thanksgiving and Christmas. They've made it abundantly clear they hate it and it shows in both their behavior and performance too. That's all I need to know.
  5. Who expected this to be passed before unemployment expired March 14?
  6. This is why I'm not understanding why this is necessarily a bad thing.
  7. What is the basis for the state bailouts?
  8. Generally, I think sloppy and lazy routes are a problem...I don't judge those that just haven't been asked to run many...and I view crisp route running as a bonus rather than inconsistent route running as a critique. It can be a learned skill.
  9. Replace the unhealthy stuff with healthy stuff, but also don't prioritize weight loss at the expense of training. Cause peak training is the worst time to try to lose weight. Like you said, don't eat enough and your training will suffer. And even if you don't lose any pounds a tighter diet will still be a boon come race day.
  10. I think he may run for governor re election but that'd be it. I think he could win a general if he made it, but I don't think he would get through the primary.
  11. Given the cap situations league wide I think it's going to be a circus.
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