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  1. If I were after a qb then I'd try to pick Lance then Fields. If unsuccessful I'd try to trade for Hurts, but would be comfortable with Wilson as plan b.
  2. Next week, but I think this year's class is quite clear in tkl heavy: *Parsons, J Davis, and JOK early round 2 give or take, depending on LB scoring *Phillips, Z Collins, Bolton, and Werner early round 3 *Then the rest of the edge guys that aren't LB if you can stash til 22 *Then Cox, Surrat, and Rice if you can stash til 22 *Maybe take a shot on Browning or E Jones Fin - cause these aren't idp friendly db and dt classes
  3. If it helps for experimental purposes my primary go-to's are walking lunges, reverse lunges, single leg rdl, medicine ball squat-and-throws, and banded standing single leg abductors.
  4. Oh man, I'm wary anything I may say would just lead to an injury. Your cadence is your cadence and mine is demanding on my body. I've worked real hard just to get mine up to 170! I think lower body strength work is a necessity before intentionally trying to lower that number. It just happening organically like juxt would be optimal though.
  5. The cumulative effect is doing work. Over any 12 month period since you joined strava you've for all intents and purposes had at least one month off (probably due to injury). That's not been the case over the last 12 as September was your only month < 100 miles and it was really just 2 weeks off. But more than that, you strung 410 miles together Dec and Jan - and 563 adding Feb. You've had good-great months before, but not to that level nor layered on top of each other. Now that you're recalibrated on the other side of treasure coast I think you're ready to take off.
  6. Welcome to the reality of picking at the bottom of the draft. Hope this new feeling carries forward into future years too.
  7. This doesn't work in every format, but generally speaking draft rookies with year two in mind. Not year one.
  8. I don't think so. I am not having an easy time assembling an order, but I think that wr tier of Bateman/Moore's/Marshall is strong - as is qb. The fall off round 2 is hitting earlier than I thought it would a week ago though.
  9. DB? Sure. Move up? Nah. Jabril Cox is an interesting one though.
  10. Schwartz, huh? Went speed over production. Jet sweeps for days...
  11. I don't think Marquise Brown is getting another 25% target share
  12. He's my plan A, but I decided last night not to try and figure out what draft position to trade to until sometime tonight.
  13. 3 thoughts in no particular order: *I don't think Chase is a bad thing for either Tee or Boyd. Their greatest threat is Burrow's protection. *And I actually think the Waddle add is a good thing for Parker. Preston, not so much. *Slayton will lose some opportunities, but I don't think Toney is a threat to Shepard. Jason Garrett and Daniel Jones remain the primary threats to that offense.
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