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  1. Week 13 - navigating the fog This week has been a blur. Not til I sat down and put pen to paper did I realize all I accomplished either. A noteworthy takeaway from each day too. All told I net 62 miles, which is the 4th straight week of 60+. On the surface the features center around Thu-Sun - an 8 mile tempo Thu (6:21 pace), 11.5 early Sat morning (7:37, aHR 142), then capped off the week with a 15 today (7:35, aHR 143). My greater takeaway's actually resonated elsewhere though. Sure, that stretch was what this week was built around - pushing myself Thu, comfortable but uncomfortable Sat, all leading to Sun...but that was really the only part of the week that didn't have my adjusting on the fly. I set out Tuesday afternoon in 88/64 heat and full of work stress. I didn't want to do anything of consequence, but a brief but timely exchange of messages with Gian shortly beforehand refocused my attention. Despite my stress my HR was low throughout mile 1, so I started firing up the inclines as the plan called. Get to a hill, run hard up it. Try to keep my HR in the 140's otherwise. Some of them were longer than others, but I probably did a couple dozen of them...and they were therapeutic too. Glad I had the HR to reference throughout or else I may not have done this workout. Nor would I have pushed as hard on the evening hill repeats we did with the XC team. Both Wed and Fri recovery runs began the exact same way. High stress and much needed. The difference is my HR was still low Wed and after about 10 mins I really settled in and felt great by the end. HR rarely jumped over 130. That was not the case Friday though. I was quickly into the 140's then stayed there, so I cut it short to 30 minutes. Thursday's tempo certainly played a role, but having that data available certainly aided in decision making. And had I kept going this weekend may not have gone as well as it did. Time to move onto week 14 and I am very...VERY much looking forward to a weather pattern change Wednesday. One more SoS workout then fall is here!
  2. Yesterday was the first time I've worn a shirt to run since May. I wear one out of my office, put it in my car, then put it back on upon completion. And there isn't such a thing as a buff endurance runner. Get out of here with that!
  3. Dunno about you, but it looks like we are just getting one day of 50something dew points and even that'll be kinda warm. Gonna try to tempo cause this is the best we got...then it'll be several more days before we may get our second wave of fake fall.
  4. I shower post run, but I'm still sweating for sometime after. Like Chef the evenings last too late to run in the morning, so lunch is my window. If others schedule afternoon meetings with me then that's their own damn fault.
  5. My head was spinning early this afternoon. After a 45 minute jog I felt like a new person. I'm sure I'll revert back to Farva at Dimpus Burger mode within the next hour or two though.
  6. I'm sure what I've been battling is extremely minor compared to Flop, but those heel drops (and the foam roller) have been tremendous. They still bark from time to time (calves too), but ever since I've made those 2 things a habit anything unusual is no more sometime after I get moving around the next day - or sooner. I'm sure mostly avoiding hills for 2+ weeks after it first popped up helped too.
  7. Like I told Gian late spring, would love to be proven wrong. Just can't cut corners in marathon prep. Unless you're Seattle Gian anyway!
  8. Whew, must have gotten away with a low ankle sprain. I would guess we try to get by without him this week then hope he's able to suit up for the matchup with Khalil Mack.
  9. Beyond what @Steel Curtainsaid (he's right!) let's be real - given where you are right now and considering that Indy is less than 2 months away you're not PR'ing. Could it happen? Sure, anything's possible. It'd take a combination of anti-science luck and a Seattle Gian dose of grit to happen though.
  10. What's more important - Boston #9 or doing Indy to the best of your current ability? Nothing wrong with either answer, but doing the former will impact the latter. Gotta choose which one is the priority.
  11. Week 12 Third consecutive week of 60+ miles and this one nudged up to 64. I spent most of the week recovering from Labor Day's long run, which confirmed I'm only going to do one more trek up to 20 in this cycle. I did an 800's increasingly faster interval workout Thursday. Motivation was legs still being sapped from Monday's long, so I didn't want to go out too hot in the first couple intervals. Reps were 3:10/3:00/2:49/2:47/2:42. Plan was 6, but calves tightened up after #5 so I tapped out on account of juice vs squeeze. Content with it all things considered. I planned to do a bell curve on the short weekend long, but my HR was a little too hot for my liking early in the workout. Probably still not recovered enough to do this without impacting future workouts. So I audibled and kept it relatively steady until mile 10 then ramped it up for a fast finish. The highlight of the week was Labor Day's 20.8 miles - miles 2-9 were between 7:09 and 7:31 but more importantly my HR stayed near 140. I was in a point in which I could choose a route that gave me 4+ miles of subtle climbing. So I decided to take that path, keep the pace, and see what happened with my HR. 7:15 (60')/7:23 (21')/7:24 (60')/7:22 (0)/7:24 (46')...and my HR did not move a nudge. Oh, hell yes! I then decided to finish with 6 at goal marathon pace and even went below that (6:33) on mile 20. I'm waffling about how to proceed with this week, but it's mostly mother nature induced. The first wave of fake fall has come and gone; humidity has returned for the next several days. I'm running out of time to do another tempo, but I don't really want to do any more in the swamp either. Decisions, decisions...
  12. If you can get a reference to a good sports/chiro doc that may work too. We have a great one near here that fixed mine.
  13. Preciate the @ but we got massacred with resignations once returning to the office this summer and as a result I am currently doing 4 plus jobs at once during our busiest time of year. I have been respectfully declining invites to just about everything for months and don't anticipate that changing anytime soon. Hopefully I can join in the next one though. These are fun.
  14. Hmm...my side eye is strong, but i threw some faab at Campbell. We'll see if i cash in.
  15. I think the Packers brought in Campbell because they were dissatisfied with their LB corps, but that doesn't necessarily mean they see him as the guy. I think that's evident in the contract in that $2m is not you're our starter money. Could he? Sure, lots of paths towards it. I just don't think he's in control of the path whereas I think Keanu is. EDIT: for some context, I don't think this is meaningfully different than what KJ Wright is to Vegas.
  16. Emphasis should be on the word slightly and I am not starting either one of them week 1 if at all possible. I wrote what I did because I generally value upside over safety - and especially on my bench. I think Campbell is a good bet for a 70% share give or take, but I'm not starting a 70%er unless I have to. What are the chances he's a 100%er? I am skeptical Campbell's the full time guy and if there is one it's Barnes. I get they have a new DC, but tea leaves has me thinking this will still be a team that utilizes more DB's and less LB's. And that is not the case in Dallas. Even if they wanted to (I don't think they do) they don't have the personnel. Kazee and Wilson are...fine. Neither are reasons to keep better players off the field though. Will Hooker usurp them? Probably not, but if he both overcomes his health problems and plays better than he has to this point then I think he just eats into their snap counts; not the LB's. And that's before getting into the rest of their DB room (woof). Between the above and where their resources were devoted this spring I expect a lot of 3 LB sets from this team and they have given every reason to believe Keanu and Parsons are above Jaylon and LVE all summer. Understandably so - the latter two were awful last season. They have history to indicate they could course correct, but show me first. And I think it's noteworthy how Keanu's been playing so frequently in the same unit as Parsons. Does that mean Keanu's a 100%er? Of course not - I just think he has a higher probability than Campbell. He also has a higher probability of being MUCH less. So it comes down to your own risk aversion philosophy and how you assess these two situations. Me? I'd rather chase a potential LB1/2 type and get burned than settle for something I think is more of a LB3-4 type, something that is often available on most waivers throughout the season.
  17. I'm slightly more optimistic about Keanu than Campbell. Don't think your league is deep enough to justify a futures play like Bolton probably is, especially with Barnes already in tow.
  18. Week 11 - Sweet, Sweet Relief Work is still bat #### crazy as due to turnover I'm essentially doing 3 jobs at once right now, but unlike in August I did not let it interfere with training this week. And mother nature finally cooperated. M- lunch lift + evening recovery...6+ miles 79/66 (145 suck) 8:14 pace 132 (!!!) aHR, all that heat training's paying off Tu- Ladder workout, 5Kish pace intervals, 3 mins-4 mins-5 mins-4 mins-3 mins...7.6 miles 78/63 (141 suck) + evening XC coaching recovery. Wanted to peak at 6 min intervals, but the 5 min interval was hard and I didn't want this ti impact Thursday's workout. W- lunch lift + evening recovery...6+ miles 72/52 @ 8:06 pace (faster) aHR 131 (lower) Th- 11 mi goal pace 6:47 run + evening XC coaching recovery - GMP 72/44 aHR 155...work was especially chaotic that morning and I think it contributed to taking 2+ miles to settle in. Very happy with my output once I did. Didn't notice HR readings above the mid 150's until I turned uphill late in mile 9. I had more in me, but think sticking to the script was the right call. F- afternoon recovery...< 6 miles, 70/55, 8:25 pace, 134 aHR - definitely felt the impact of yesterday's workout. Sa- 11 mi MLR 72/54 7:22 pace 142 aHR...given Tu + Th I was VERY encouraged by this workout. Went out intending to run to HR (which I did) but was not expecting those paces. Su- morning lift + lunch recovery///6+ miles 72/64 @ 7:46 pace (:eyes:) 133 aHR. Same takeaway here as Saturday. In a good spot right now, but the real test comes in the next hour or so after I hit submit reply. Today is my first foray at 2 1/2 hours. I'm cautiously optimistic I'll get to (at least?) 20, but we'll see what the body says once I'm moving. Second week in a row of 60 miles. Unlike recent weeks, this one included SoS and clearly all of that outdoor August training yielded positive results as we transitioned into the first wave of fake fall. I won't make a plan for the rest of the week until after today's long run, but I'd like to do a tempo late in the week then an interval/hill workout over the weekend. Should net another 60+ miles regardless. To steal a line from our resident gyno - ONWARD!
  19. Unfortunately, no. Plan is Cleveland Oct 24. Indy is my wife's birthday weekend and my pitch of race in Indy on Sat then go to the Browns/Bengals in Cincy on Sunday was countered with a long weekend in Cincy and no racing. If Cleveland weather looks like a dumpster fire that day then I will re-visit the topic of Indy as a backup though.
  20. Week 10 - A return to the dumb Just scrolled back through and counted one workout all week with a suck under 155. So dumb. M- recovery x2, 9.6 mi total and really the only not dumb day of the week Tu- intended to get up and do this workout before work, but email exploded Mon night then early morning Tues so I audibled to afternoon. Did 8x hill repeats, each one was about a minute - v hard up, sorta hard down. The 91/67 conditions pushed me to the brink and the only reason I didn't tap out was I did these in the shade. Half hour evening recovery, but couldn't keep my HR below 140 the last 10 mins. W- lunch lift, cancelled easy evening run due to storms. Th- carbon copy of Tu, intended to get up and do this in the morning but email went berserk both Wed night and early morning Thu so I adjusted to the heat of the day - 90/73 . Workout called for bell curve, so I decided to head uphill for the first third or so. Figured I'd need the downhill around peak to prevent blowing up. That proved true, but then I got to the turnaround at mile 3.5, looked up, and saw a thunderstorm developing overhead. Grrrrreeeeeaaaaat. It poured buckets on me during peak mile 5 (6:11), but thankfully the thunder and lightning portion of it didn't develop until it was about 2 miles past. I wouldn't call the remaining shower during mile 6 and part of 7 refreshing, but it helped stave off (some of) the suck. Again, much like Tu - couldn't keep my HR below 140 after about 15-20 mins in to the evening recovery. F- I planned to do today's workout this day, but work problems again blew up Thu pm and early Fri am. Don't remember the last week of bad sleep like this one. So I just did a glue MLR while ignoring my watch buzzing with new emails every 2-3 mins - 10 mi in 80 mins, middle 7 were kinda junky but I wanted tired legs. Then we golfed and drank all the beers. Sa- worked in the morning, went to the gym, arrived home, found out kids were covid close contacts, said curse words, got tests for them scheduled, went for a recovery run, did yard work, watched movies with the kids because our evening plans with them went up in smoke. Su- second day in a row of 9+ hours of sleep and for the first time since Monday feel kinda normal. Headed out to the trails today for one last foray in the swamp. For lap one I emphasized single track. Dancing around roots and rocks, plowing through mud, standing water, and creek crossings. Jumping over and ducking under trees. Really anything to just wear my body out. Returned to my car for a honey jam sammy and a refill of the handheld then headed out for lap two. Objective of this lap - elevation. Did a lot more bridle trails so i wouldn't have to dance much, but really wanted to challenge myself both going up and down the hills. If I had more water I'd have done another 15-20 mins, but I was bone dry mile 11 and only had a gatorade left in the car so I tapped out at 13 miles in 2 hours w/1544' in elevation. I'm exhausted right now, but that was mentally refreshing. First 60 mile week since before covid, the first time I've ever gone over 3K' in elevation in a week, and should hit my goal of 240 miles for the month. I'm very much looking forward to a week void of dumb though - at work, home, and with mother nature. Hopefully.
  21. I get it's difficult given the recent setback and this being your first training cycle, but I wouldn't read too much into it. My VO2max was in the 58 range from late July-early mid Aug. It's fallen to around 54. It's the weather. I won't consider taking notice unless a course correction fails to happen when the dew points tank in a few days.
  22. Probably right, but I think closer to it than your current A goal is in the range of potential outcomes.
  23. Sweet relief is coming, just need to withstand one more Sunday run through this bull ####.
  24. I've not paid enough attention to his specifics, but from what I've gleaned there have been a lot of similarities between him and what I've been doing...only he's running a lot more miles than I am. And my goal is 2:XX. I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin'
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