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  1. Got in it at .0016, gonna love the run in the coming weeks. I got into gtll back in 2014 for .0001 for $300. it is now .0264😍. I sold 1 million at. .01. Riding out the rest until news.
  2. It's a very short list of great coaches without a great Qb. B.B. isn't on the list for me. Until he can consistently win without an elite Qb. Something he has yet to do.
  3. Facts will almost always come out. It has been squashed by the courts and the media, but it will come out 1 year from now or 10 years from now, or 50 years. What is sad in all of this if and when the facts do come out. Will any of you people on this board change their minds?
  4. Historians are going to remember this as a stolen election. Treason was committed by Biden and he was not prosecuted. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.
  5. Tonight has only emboldened Trump supporters anyone who votes against him won't be reelected. He unfortunately will run again in 2024 unless Democrats can come up with lies that will put him in jail. Then their will be civil war. Like I said dark days ahead.
  6. I mean someone from the internet, posting on a message board. Sorry had to pick up kiddos from religion class.
  7. Sadly and not surprising you believe this. LOL
  8. Why yes it is. But I don't friend request people so.
  9. Tell me then why the guards opened the gates. I'll wait.
  10. She was let in by the guards probably on orders from Democrats so those are the people who should be tried.
  11. Looked like it on pbs. The guards need to be questioned on who told them to let the protesters in. My bet Democrats. So they could exploit it and Republicans were dumb enough to help them out
  12. Because it should have never happened and you got people in here talking like they were trying to overthrow the government.
  13. One protests peacefully,. And the guards even opened the gates. Which was very wrong and they should be fired. The other rioters destroys property. Get real one isn't like the other.
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