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  1. This is about as strongly as I can disagree with someone ever on a post. McDaniels was arguably the most highly qualified coordinator candidate of the last 15 years. His 2 seasons before getting the Denver job, he called plays for the best offense in NFL history to that point in 2007, as part of the only undefeated regular season in 16 game history. Then he called plays for a top-10 offense that lost arguably the best player in NFL history in week 1. Its forgotten now, but McDaniels was still a pretty good play caller in Denver. He just wasn't equipped to be a HC at the time. He also had
  2. Pretty in line with what I am thinking, but since you are looking for some alternate opinions I have a few. I think Atlanta's passing game is a little too high, at least Ryan and Ridley anyway. I don't think Pitts will make much of a difference in passing volume for the team, he likely just muddles it for the other weapons. That is kinda already baked into Julio's price, but not Ridley's for whatever reason. I think Ridley is more a WR2 unless Julio misses a lot of time again this season. I think the Steelers passing game is underrated. The volume is so high, and despite the Najee Ha
  3. You may be right that Allen won't repeat as QB1, but the bolded feels completely illogical. Plenty of guys have been QB1 on teams that won fewer than 12 games. A quick list: 2017-Russell Wilson 2016-Aaron Rodgers 2012-Drew Brees 2010-Michael Vick 2009-Aaron Rodgers 2008-Drew Brees 2005-Carson Palmer 2004-Daunte Culpepper 2003-Daunte Culpepper 2002-Rich Gannon So over the last 20 years, exactly half the QB's who finished as QB1, came from a team who won 11 or fewer games. I think there may be some recency bias with Allen, Jackson, and Mahom
  4. I think that is probably what my league is going to do now too. Or something like the top-5 scorers get a win, and the bottom-5 get a loss.
  5. I think they'll have a better record than that, but I agree, I doubt they win more than 1 playoff game. Is there really any matchup you're dreading as a Bucs fan? They feel like they are very clearly the best team in the NFL right now. I like Washington as well. I think there is room for both them and Dallas to make the playoffs. I think they are clearly the top-2 teams in the division. I don't see any NFC South team making it beyond Tampa, and I find 3 teams from the West to be unlikely. Not to get off on a bit of a rant, but I think the Rams are being crazy overrated. The defe
  6. I think the West beats each other up so badly, that nobody is really left standing. Whomever makes it to the playoffs, is likely limping in. I think New Orleans falls off a cliff. That is a bottom-10 offense in my opinion, and a good, but not great defense. I'd be surprised if the Saints were a playoff team. I do agree that Dallas is going to be pretty bad on defense, but I think they could have the NFL's best offense, and in a pretty easy division. I think they could be this year's Buffalo, where their record is boosted due to lack of competition. 5-1 in the division is reasonable,
  7. I could be overrating them, but I think Dallas is a legit Super Bowl contender. Barring the entire OL, and Dak getting hurt again, this is easily a top-5 NFC team. I'd take them over any team from the NFC West, and all the NFC North teams if Rodgers is dealt. I'll take the other side of this. I think its great that we continue this tradition forever. Its a nice bit of nostalgia that hurts nobody. Plus, having better teams playing isn't going to matter. Everyone will have the game on(at least in the background) just due to tradition. Like even if it were say, KC/Buff playing, I doubt it
  8. As a Bears fan, signing Charles Leno is going to be a sneaky great move for you guys. Feel like I've been thinking that about most of Washington's moves this offseason.
  9. It screws it for having equal scheduling. 13 was the perfect amount of regular season games, at least for 10-team leagues. Play everyone in divisions 2 times, everyone outside 1 time. There probably will be a fair fix, that is just alluding me at the moment, but as a Commish, I'm already dreading scheduling complaints. We had been planning on just keeping the championship in week 16.
  10. Week 14 bye weeks, basically means fantasy football schedules need to be rebuilt from scratch. Super annoying those are going to be a thing. In my leagues, the plan was going to be to just end the season at week 16 like normal, but now that is out the window.
  11. You are likely right about the Steelers. For better or worse(probably worse)they seem to have convinced themselves that QB isn't the problem. You don't think Washington would be in the mix, especially with Snyder loving to make big splashes? From a fantasy perspective, I think Washington or Denver would be the best landing spots, unless somehow the Saints were able to pull some salary cap magic.
  12. Lots of talk today, that settling is exactly what Watson is planning to do. That probably is in everyone's best interest, as there doesn't seem to be enough evidence to get any criminal convictions. Too easy to make a he said/she said. Its hard to imagine a scenario where he doesn't face some sort of suspension. But it could be in the 4-8 game variety, which leaves some wiggle room for a trade. I'm projecting a little here, but I could see the Texans just wanting to move on, and taking very little in a trade, and attempting to justify it morally to their fanbase. But Watson for a single d
  13. Voted Toney, Rodgers, Collins, and Eskridge Toney over Moore is a bet on situation. I like both Davis and Mims quite a bit, where other than Golladay, I'm not sure Toney's competition extends beyond this season. Rodgers and St.Brown are about equal to me. I'll go with the one who might get to play with Aaron Rodgers. I think Brown is a better WR than Collins, but McLaurin and Samuel aren't going anywhere. Collins has a pretty easy long term path to WR2, and could possibly play with Watson at some point. Eskridge is a bet on draft capital. I hated that pick, and think Palm
  14. I voted for Harris, Sermon, Gainwell, and Stevenson. Harris is a slightly better prospect in a much better situation. Sermon is in a much better situation, and while I prefer Carter as a player. Every RB with a pulse has succeeded in Shanny's offense. Gainwell is a slightly bigger talent than Hubbard, but CMC is pretty locked in. While I doubt it will happen, its possible Gainwell can push Sanders at some point. I like Herbert more as a player, but he's pretty buried right now. Also has more competition going forward, as Michel is likely out of NE soon.
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