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  1. I think you will end up a lot higher on Zeke. I think he's a 3rd rounder. I could see Zeke/Pollard going down a Gordon/Ekeler road. I'm expecting Brees to retire, or just be gone. So, I think that is at least a round high for Michael Thomas. Another guy I'd like in round 3. I actually like where Jacobs is, I think he's got a pretty high floor, and is on an offense still on the upswing. I like Ekeler a bit more. He's RB4 and RB7 per game the last 2 seasons. He's the centerpiece of the offense, and is a candidate to lead the position in receiving. I think he and Kamara are equals,
  2. One could argue the physical toll from the wear and tear is why he turned to that in the first place.
  3. How did Clay Matthews make it this far? He was a slightly above average LB who just played forever. I hate that longevity is so thoroughly rewarded. I'm already annoyed about hearing about Frank Gore, and he was better at his position than Matthews was(and also nowhere near HOF worthy) As for guys who should make it: Peyton Manning is about the easiest call ever. I'd vote Alan Faneca and Zach Thomas as the next best, as guys who should have been in years ago, and have had lesser players at their positions make it in before them. The last 2 names are tougher, Jared Allen and LeRoy Bu
  4. That is fair to be worried about. I do wonder if Brown's proving he's still got it, makes Tampa less likely to retain Godwin. Some of that is due to financial issues elsewhere, and some because they already invested in Evans as a #1. Noticed a lot that when somebody else made a play, Brown was usually even more open than they were, he just wasn't as high on the progression order. If they have Brown dialed in properly, and Evans gets healthy, we are going to have a bunch of fun/annoying conversations about Tom Brady, because this is a legit super bowl contender.
  5. Career carries aren't always the issue. If the Titans make deep, Henry could top 850 touches in 2 seasons. That kind of workload is a ton for anyone. Larry Johnson had very few career carries before 2 pretty big years, and was never the same. Jamal Lewis and Ricky Williams both burned out from heavy use, despite being young. The problem with the tomlinson example, is that this was Henry's 5th season. Tomlinson already had 5 straight 300 carry seasons by this point and only had 2 good years after it, albeit 1 was his best. I like Henry a ton, but I think it's more likely he pea
  6. Truth be told, it might be a blessing in disguise for Tampa. I've thought all year, well since they got him, that Antonio Brown is their best WR, they've just been under using him. Evans goes down, and Brown instantly looks like it wasn't a coincidence to me. Assuming they don't stubbornly relegate their best weapon back to a background role, the may have opened up their offense to being as good as any. I hope they don't put that genie back in the bottle. Evans sitting a week is probably best for both Evans and Tampa.
  7. I think the case for Rivera, is he took over a team with the #2 pick the year before, and won he division. He did that while battling Cancer, and using 4 QBs, including 1 who was so bad they cut him. On top of all that, is a FO being sued, the owner making an ### of himself, and the team's name being changed. True, the record isn't the best, but I think some other factors, including off field stuff could, and should, come into play here. My case against Henry is just I don't think his season was as impressive as kelce's was. Maybe if Henry ran for 2,200 yards in 15 games it would be
  8. Final picks for me: MVP-Aaron Rodgers OPOY-Travis Kelce DPOY-Aaron Donald OROY-Justin Jefferson DROY-Chase Young HCOY-Ron Rivera CPOY-Alex Smith I have my doubts that Kelce will win, as for some reason TEs are always undervalued. Likewise with Jefferson, as anytime a QB plays well they seem to get it. So it'll likely be Herbert and Henry, I just think they are less deserving.
  9. Yes, Brown was the other guy. I agree Tannehill is not as good without Henry, I'd also argue Henry is nowhere near as good without Tannehill and Brown. Plus, we actually have evidence of that, as Henry was having a middling year in 2019 until Mariota was benched for Tannehill and Brown was promoted to a starter.
  10. This will probably sound like a hot take, but I'm not the type to just say things for reactions. That said, Derrick Henry would be my 3rd choice...on the Titans. ETA: I'd still call Henry the best RB this year, but he'd be around 10th or so for MVP in my eyes. Too many as good or better guys, at more important positions.
  11. I would think Houston would be the most appealing job for any HC candidate. Sure you don't have draft picks, but you also have an elite QB just entering his prime. No other team with a coaching opening has that. Maybe Herbert, or Lawrence get there, but its possible/likely those guys are never as good as Watson is right now. That's a major asset, one more important than a couple high draft picks. I think there will be a huge market for Fuller regardless of the PED suspension. He's a 4.3 WR, who has shown the ability to be a #1 WR. I'd say he's the next guy up after Godwin and maybe Rob
  12. Not to mention, its basically ignoring that Courtland Sutton will be back next year, and is far superior to Patrick. Good chance those air yards are Suttons if he hadn't gotten injured. That said, I think improved QB play, will likely lead to improved Jeudy play. He's an interesting WR3 in my opinion.
  13. Its funny you mention that. I had a conversation over Christmas, that the draft should be in reverse order strictly to ever prevent tanking. The Super Bowl winner should get the #1 pick, you'll still achieve parity due to the salary cap, as the top teams will have to manage top draft choice money.
  14. That's true, I came in late. I'm not sure Philly wins if they leave Hurts in, but I do think it was over the second they pulled him. Good news all around I guess. It is a nice story that Alex Smith and Ron Rivera make the playoffs. Probably your Comeback player pf they year and Coach of the year.
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