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  1. That yardage pace is only 81 yards behind the single season record for a TE.
  2. Honestly, Carolina needs him a hell of a lot more than Miami. Tua>>>>Darnold Also, Carolina might be a QB away from contending. Good young talent at WR, good young defense, elite RB(when healthy) creative playcaller. Put Watson on the Panthers they are a top-7 NFC team for sure.
  3. They have San Fran's next 2 1st rounders.
  4. I'm just saying OL>RB, Johnson has looked good tonight, and Hunt and especially Chubb always do, but I do think if you were to say, swap places with a guy like Josh Jacobs, Jacobs would look great in Cleveland while the other guy struggle in LV.
  5. Still 5 minutes left, Browns can't just run out the clock. Really hope this isn't an OT game.
  6. Absolutely it is. Denver may kick a FG since they need 2 scores. If they go and don't get it, the game is probably over.
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