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  1. Abdullah has no bearing on Cook. He's been on the active roster each of the first 2 weeks.
  2. I'm not sure Mattison is a great start if Cook is out. Abdullah will mix in a ton, and they likely adopt a more pass heavy game plan, which is probably the best way to attack Seattle regardless. I'd view Mattison as more of a top-20 RB if he's starting, than an RB1 candidate. He's likely only getting about 60-70% of what Cook would get.
  3. I think the ineffectiveness was just as much about the playcalling as it was the injury. Through 2 games, I feel like Klint Kubiak has been a really mixed bag as a playcaller, which was not unexpected. I think the key to Cook's status is if they activate AJ Rose. Right now, I think its roughly 65-35 Cook is playing. I think Cook certainly fits the profile of a guy who doesn't need to practice to play, and Zimmer has all but said as much. The rough thing is, the Vikings are 2 plays from being 2-0. Yet, they are staring 0-3 in the face. Part of me wants Cook to sit, but at the same time, if he's healthy enough to play, they almost have to play him.
  4. Jacobs is almost certainly out. I'm of the boat that if Cook plays, you almost have to start him. In my shoes, if he's inactive by noon, I'll likely start Chase Edmonds. If it comes down to 3, its either Mattison or Javonte. If Cook is playing, he's starting for me.
  5. Call me crazy, but the guy I like most out of that group this week is Pitts. The 2nd spot is kind of dependent on the status of DeAndre Hopkins. I'm under the impression he's going to play, but if he surprises and doesn't it'd be tough to sit Moore. However if he does play, I think these Patterson touches are very much for real and he's probably my pick. I like Williams the most ROS of this group, but I don't really want to start him until I see at least once.
  6. Assuming you mean Damien Harris and not Wiliams. If its Williams, start the 2 TEs for sure. If its Harris, I might be being a bit overreactive, but I'd probably sit Andrews. Its close, but so far, it seems like Hollywood is the clear #1 in that passing game, and while the Lions pass defense is really bad, its not like they are going to have any answer for the Ravens running game either. I'd say Gronk>Harris>Andrews, but non are bad starts. I get the logic, but I don't think I'd sit Sutton until we know he won't be seeing 10+ targets a game without Jeudy.
  7. I'd roll the dice with Carter. I'd have a real hard time sitting Marvin Jones right now. Moore is tempting with the Jags having huge issues in the secondary, but it could go to a lot of guys there, where it seems like most Jags production is going to Jones. I like Jones a lot, and think he's a lot better QB than he gets credit for, but this is a bridge too far for me, especially in that scoring system.
  8. Boyd for sure I'd roll the dice with Sermon Sounds like Wentz is playing, even if he wasn't I might prefer Pittman
  9. I'd go CEH and Sutton. I have a lot of concerns about Robinson with and without Fields. I'm also not sure Johnson being out makes a big difference for Claypool, as its more likely JuJu soaks up those quick hitters. I'd go Carson and Williams. Both are playing pretty poor defenses, and are better bets for TD's. I will say Seattle actually hasn't been pass heavy at all, they've just had some short drives due to long TD passes. I'd go Claypool here. Williams is more of a great stash than a guy I want to start, even if he could potentially see extra work in what should be the easiest win of the week for Denver.
  10. I agree with the bolded, if its a part of that players game. Like, I'm not gonna hold making a big play against a guy where big plays is a big part of his game. Like a Dalvin Cook, or on a smaller scale, a Miles Sanders. But a guy like Gordon, I'm gonna devalue it a bit, because its not really a part of his game. I like that trade for you. I like Claypool's talent, but I think Big Ben is washed.
  11. Ekeler missed what 6-7 games with a hamstring injury last year? His looked worse than CMC's did, and he certainly wasn't overused. I wasn't a big fan of Hubbard in college. I think he was a college RB, who relied on quickness to win, but that quickness may not be enough at the NFL level. I'm expecting Royce Freeman to get a pretty big share of the work. This won't be Mike Davis 2.0. I'd say 60-40, and that Hubbard is going to be more of a flex play than a reliable RB2.
  12. The quickness that he was ruled out, makes me think he's going to IR.
  13. Everybody had Darnold run, Anthony Miller, and Tommy Tremble run as the first 3 TD's right?
  14. That logic really never made sense. Anderson had his career season the second Darnold wasn't his QB.
  15. How dare you trust the Texans to convert the extra point.
  16. I mean, there is always a safety high in Lovie's defense. Its just sometimes they are 40+ yards off that is the problem.
  17. I would agree with this. They had nothing else last year, and had to resort to lining up Curtis Samuel in the backfield a lot when Davis needed a breather. Now they have Royce Freeman who has plenty of NFL carries. I'd say 60-40 Hubbard, with chances that Freeman gets GL work.
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