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  1. Why mess up a good streak?Don't worry. Fell asleep about 10 minutes in.
  2. That's why no parent makes eye contact when they talk about how rewarding parenting is. They can't sell the lie.I posted here a while back about the whole kid thing and got some great feedback, mostly from furley who brought up the fact that women who have had babies are, on the whole, terrible to expectant mothers. It's awesome that you bring life into this world and this and that but it SUCKS. You don't sleep, your hormones are a mess, your body is weird. Then they get a little older. Still not sleeping through the night, want a bottle. Oh, you want to climb out of your crib? Fantastic. Right in line with your baby brother being born. Baby brother? Remember when Lloyd wanted to do the most annoying sound in the world? I'm no baby maimer, but damn. Now the kid eats 3-4 eggs and 2 sausages (and maybe a piece of toast) every day. He's 17 months old.
  3. Beat off, play video games and drink, IMO.What if, in theory, all of these thing we're done by 2:00 PM?
  4. Husband and kids out of town until Monday. Not sure what to do.
  5. One of my cats just threw up on my daughter's Clemson cheerleader uniform. Trying hard not to take this as a sign.
  6. Those always crack me up... "Did you just *** in me? What?! I'm not on birth control, #######!" Accidental pregnancies are high comedy.No. They're not.
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