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  1. Jimmy Dore sucks. You should be watching Sam Seder. And if you don't know Chapo Trap House, fix that.
  2. J Mascis is quietly killing it the past 5 years...solo and with Dino Jr.Love Dino Jr. New one is good, but I liked Farm better.I'm liking The Palace Garden by Beat Connection. Lil more feminine than the average testosterone loving stuff posted here, but I like it. Saw them last week. Mascis didn't say a word. It was louder than any show I've seen in a while.
  3. I'm in a fierce love triangle with Grimes and Julia Holter.
  4. Awesome, I was just jamming this album earlier. One of the best punk albums ever IMO.
  5. Not sure if I love this band or not, haven't checked them out fully, but I love this song.
  6. I'd recommend something like this. It's a little expensive but very versatile.Oooooooooooooo cute.
  7. Donno if you'd consider myself a kid at 25 but during summer, I don't wear non athletic shorts. It's basketball shorts or jeans when I go out. I really love these types of breathable shirts too for basketball/tennis/working out. Khaki shorts/cargos/plaid #### isn't my bag. I find them uncomfortable and mostly tacky.
  8. Hmm, interesting...will read through this one.
  9. I haven't read this thread, but I saw a fellow smoking one of these inside a local supermarket and was confused. It's not really smoking? I saw smoke or something.
  10. hello, drunk early tonight... and life is more than good, friends. I'm not the ####### nutcase of a person I was not one month ago, sleeping better. I'm chatting up this Pocahontas looking teeny bopper and got a new server job that lets me spend some money. What's going on with you miserable bastards?
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