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  1. Jimmy Dore sucks. You should be watching Sam Seder. And if you don't know Chapo Trap House, fix that.
  2. J Mascis is quietly killing it the past 5 years...solo and with Dino Jr.Love Dino Jr. New one is good, but I liked Farm better.I'm liking The Palace Garden by Beat Connection. Lil more feminine than the average testosterone loving stuff posted here, but I like it. Saw them last week. Mascis didn't say a word. It was louder than any show I've seen in a while.
  3. I'm in a fierce love triangle with Grimes and Julia Holter.
  4. Awesome, I was just jamming this album earlier. One of the best punk albums ever IMO.
  5. Not sure if I love this band or not, haven't checked them out fully, but I love this song.
  6. I'd recommend something like this. It's a little expensive but very versatile.Oooooooooooooo cute.
  7. Donno if you'd consider myself a kid at 25 but during summer, I don't wear non athletic shorts. It's basketball shorts or jeans when I go out. I really love these types of breathable shirts too for basketball/tennis/working out. Khaki shorts/cargos/plaid #### isn't my bag. I find them uncomfortable and mostly tacky.
  8. Hmm, interesting...will read through this one.
  9. I haven't read this thread, but I saw a fellow smoking one of these inside a local supermarket and was confused. It's not really smoking? I saw smoke or something.
  10. hello, drunk early tonight... and life is more than good, friends. I'm not the ####### nutcase of a person I was not one month ago, sleeping better. I'm chatting up this Pocahontas looking teeny bopper and got a new server job that lets me spend some money. What's going on with you miserable bastards?
  11. Do you ever get bummed out that your phone number doesn't spell anything cool?
  12. Some of these would really be quality threads. Better than 90% of the stuff here now.
  13. Go buy a pack of Silly Bandz and tell me how many and which type of animals are in your pack.
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