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  1. Sometimes I hate that I live in Michigan and actually care a little about the Lions, because they're run by idiots. That tackle situation should have been taken care of years ago. Now they've got to try and piece something together. So they get busy day one blowing their cap space on RB's, CB's, and a DE that will likely be moved to a situational DT. Great job gang.....it's a shame that Stafford is going to end up in a wheelchair. Morons. ETA: They can't be stupid enough to put all their faith in a rookie LT, who may not even be there for them at #5, can they?
  2. There is a very good chance this team is worse in 2013 than they were in 2012. They're in cap hell, need to sign a bunch of players, need FA's to fill holes, and have to have a decent draft.If that Milliner kid is not a can't miss shutdown corner they should not take him 5th. Take a DE or an OT and do right by the organization....which will still be there after the entire front office and coaching staff is fired next year.Take Werner from FSU or the OT from CMU.
  3. That makes sense to start but I see Lawrie batting 2nd/3rd sometime down the road. I'm just a huge believer.Looking forward to watching some ST in sunny Dunedin.
  4. I thInk we passed on the next Steve Hutchinson for the next Jeff BackusOnly a Lions fan would ##### about a gift like this dropped in his team's lap.
  5. We can only hope. Farrell was a little too insistent on mixing up the hitters (left vs right) last year that it stopped him from using an optimal lineup (imo). It should be:1) Escobar2) Lawrie3) Bautista4) Rasmus5) Edwin6) Thames/Snider7) JPA8) Lind9) JohnsonIt will most likely be:1) Escobar2) Johnson3) Bautista4) Lind5) Lawrie6) Rasmus7) Edwin8) Thames/Snider9) JPAThe 2 and 8 spots could be swapped.No faith in Lind?
  6. Lawrie is unstoppable in Spring Training. The guy seems like moving up to the big leagues doesn't faze him much. He just hits and hits. Are they going to #####foot around with the guy and leave him batting 6th/7th or will they move him up to 2nd in the order during the season?
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