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  1. Eli Brooks is returning to Michigan as well, which will be huge from a leadership standpoint with a ton of highly-touted freshmen coming in. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/wolverines/2021/04/14/michigan-basketball-eli-brooks-returns/7225151002/
  2. Thanks to everyone who recommended Ted Lasso on AppleTV. We just finished the 10 episodes of season 1 and it was awesome - hilarious yet really heartwarming. It's honestly worth subscribing to AppleTV for a month just to watch this show. My wife isn't even a sports fan and she loved it too. Can't wait for season 2!
  3. I actually bought one of the Ridge Wallets too. I used the 15% discount they were offering for their anniversary and bought the topographic map one. I definitely like it so far, but I still don't get the hang of pushing/fanning out the credit cards using the little notch on the side. I try to use it and they just push out in one big lump so it's pretty difficult to get to cards unless they're on the top or bottom of the deck. I actually moved my most-used card to the outside under the cash strap and that's definitely helped too.
  4. Has a team ever had an easier route to the Final Four than Houston this year, at least in terms of their opponent's seeding? The highest seed they've played was a #10 seed. Beat #15 Cleveland State in the first round Beat #10 Rutgers in the second round Beat #11 Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen Beat #12 Oregon State in the Elite Eight Admittedly, I haven't watched Houston at all this year before last night, but Oregon State played like garbage for most of the game and Houston still barely hung on to win. I have a feeling they're going to get a wake-up call against Ba
  5. I just got a free year of AppleTV+ due to a recent device purchase. Beastie Boys Story - I was really looking forward to this one because I was a huge Beastie Boys fan in HS. If you like the Beastie Boys, definitely check it out, but if they're not your thing, it's an easy pass Boys State - I thought this one was really good. Highly recommended.
  6. Did I really just watch an entire episode that consisted of nothing more than making soup, fixing a motorcycle, and trying to catch a rat??? JFC. At least we are finally getting a Negan-centric episode next week that looks to be good.
  7. I don't know anything about FSU so I can't really answer your question, but I've watched most of the Michigan games this year and they tend to struggle defensively against athletic guards who can score the basketball. They are very solid both offensively and defensively on the front line though, even with Livers out of the lineup. And @nysfl2had it exactly right in that Michigan has at least 5 different players who can lead the team in scoring on any given night. Against LSU, it was Eli Brooks and 6th man Chaundee Brown that won the game for them on the offensive end.
  8. Anyone done this before? The wife is interested in a trip from the Midwest to the west coast and back, stopping at various national parks, etc. Thinking maybe 3 weeks or so total. We wouldn’t need anything big since it would just be the two of us and a dog, but she does want a bathroom/shower on board.
  9. The only storyline I'm remotely interested in anymore is what happens with Negan. I'm mostly just disappointed in myself that I'm still even watching LOL.
  10. Had Pfizer #1 yesterday. Felt completely fine for about 3 hours until I raised my arm above my head to grab something out of a cabinet and had severe shooting pain in my arm/shoulder. After that, I had horrendous pain every time I moved my arm more than 6". I could hardly turn over in bed last night it hurt so bad. During the course of the day today, the pain has finally eased and now it's just pretty sore. Supposedly #2 is quite a bit worse than #1, so definitely not looking forward to the second injection.
  11. I tried a new recipe last night that turned out excellent - Beef Stew
  12. I just activated a free year of AppleTV+ due to a recent device purchase. Never had it before and don’t really know anything about it. Any TV, movie, or documentary recommendations?
  13. It's not the right time of year now obviously, but if you wait until end of season sales in the fall, there are bound to be some Weber grills on clearance at various places. I scored a $499 Weber grill for $125 a few years ago at Target for example. You can set up alerts at various deals websites (I'm partial to SlickDeals) to alert you when Weber grills go on sale/clearance.
  14. Count me as another one integrated heavily with Amazon. We have 3 Echo Dots and 3 Echo Shows. We use one Show as an alarm clock in our bedroom and another one gets heavy use in the kitchen mostly for cooking timers and looking up recipes. The rest are used to control lights in our main living areas, mostly Philips Hues. We also have a Ring Doorbell and I added the Ring Home Security system this spring. Outside of Amazon, we have two Roombas, a dual-zone Honeywell smart thermostat, two Wyze cameras to watch our dogs when we're out, and I just upgraded our irrigation system to a smart one a
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