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  1. I’ve caught CYE episodes here and there but I finally decided to watch the whole series from the beginning. It’s always great to catch guest stars in some of these classic sitcoms before they went on to bigger and better things. S1 Episode 3 has Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) as Porno Gil. 😂
  2. I would highly suggest you invest in better Wi-Fi coverage before you cut the cable. Go with a mesh system. I've got an Orbi that I love, but any decent one should work. Spotty Wi-Fi when attempting to do streaming, whether it's YTTV or anything else is frustrating beyond belief, so you want to avoid that at all costs. I switched from DTV to YTTV with Rokus on all of our TVs a year ago and in hindsight wish I would have done it sooner. I do not miss DTV whatsoever.
  3. Offensive? Perhaps, to some people at least Should it have been reworded? Definitely
  4. I checked out Mayfair Supper Club and this looks right up our alley. Reservation made. Thanks!
  5. I haven't been to Vegas in probably 10 years, but I'm headed there with the wife in a month. She's attending a conference for 2 days (not sure which hotel yet) and then we're staying 4 more days at Palazzo. We'll probably be there more for food, activities, shows, etc. than for gambling. A few things I've got penciled in at the moment are: Absinthe show Omega Mart at AREA15 Neon Museum Yardbird Bouchon (breakfast) I'll probably look to play a little 1/2 poker while my wife is at her conference, although I'm probably more fish than pro Anything else that we should be looking at, especially in regards to restaurants? I'd love to splurge for a nice dinner or two and a few more really good meals that aren't crazy expensive.
  6. Watched that episode last night and agree it was excellent! 🤣
  7. I checked it out too after it beat Ted Lasso in several Emmy categories LOL. I'm 4 episodes in and it's not bad, but I'm not loving it yet either.
  8. With regards to talking to the police, I saw this video awhile back and it really stuck with me. It's not a short video, but it definitely changed my mindset. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE&ab_channel=RegentUniversitySchoolofLaw
  9. Another big thumbs up for Mr. Inbetween. I've binged seasons 1 and 2 over the past week or so and just started on season 3. Having the short 30-minute episodes makes it easy to get through quickly too, which is nice. You can actually watch the entire 6-episode first season in a single day, which is actually the perfect way to jump into the series anyway.
  10. I couldn't get past how incredibly nerdy looking the Reapers leader is - horrible casting IMO. This guy is the supposed leader of a bunch of macho ex-military mercenaries? Yeah right. 🙄
  11. There are some really old seasons (2001 and 2006) that I haven't watched, but then it started up again starting in 2016 with host Jonathan LaPaglia and all six of the "new" seasons are great IMHO. 2016 - Samoa 2017 - Samoa 2018 - Fiji (Champions vs. Contenders) 2019 - Fiji (Champions vs. Contenders) 2020 - Fiji (All-Stars) 2021 - Outback (Brains vs. Brawn)
  12. I honestly think I prefer the AUS version to the US version in many ways, although I'm not entirely sure I can put my finger on why that is.
  13. I don't pay for Peacock Premium so I can't watch Dr. Death, but I'm familiar with the story. Here's a great article about it. https://www.propublica.org/article/dr-death-christopher-duntsch-a-surgeon-so-bad-it-was-criminal
  14. I remember seeing various headlines for the record-breaking auction prices of retro video games. Turns out it was all a complete scam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvLFEh7V18A
  15. Count me an another one who is thoroughly enjoying the empty nest. One thing I did make a point to do that others have touched on is that I drastically cut back on my video gaming hobby and replaced it with stuff that I can do with my wife. For us that is traveling, dining out, cooking, binging television/movies. And of course more sexy time (not joking!). 🤩
  16. Wife and I saw Free Guy today. I thought it was awesome and my wife liked it too. If you like video games at all, I’d say it’s a must see. Just really well written and lots of LOL moments for me.
  17. This ticked me off too but for a slightly different reason. The group has fought off way more walkers than that over and over again, plus they're in a train car where only one or two at most can get through the door at a time. And she still doesn't want to attempt to save one of their own?
  18. You are correct in that Roku is fighting with Google with regards to YouTube TV at the moment, but you can definitely still watch it on Roku. If you don't already have the YTTV app installed (it's currently unavailable to installed due to the disagreement), then the workaround for now at least is to install the YouTube app instead, and then once you open the YouTube app, there's a big button right on the main screen to select YouTube TV and then it will open and run just like normal.
  19. Ted Lasso made up for last week’s poor episode with a great one tonight.
  20. Man that NBA Top Shot thread sure went dead fast LOL. This latest NFT thread made me think of this ELI5 thread from Reddit a few weeks ago. Agree or disagree with the following? I finally understand this now. Imagine a bunch of kids each with millions of dollars on a playground. They're bored, so they decide to invent a game called "In The Name Of...". This is how you play: someone names something cool out loud; say Alice shouts out "Michael Jackson". Everyone likes Michael Jackson. People start talking about how cool Michael Jackson is. Then Billy wants to be cool, so he can shout out "In the name of Michael Jackson, here's $500,000!", and hand Alice $500,000. Everyone says "Woah, that's a lot of money! Billy must really love Michael Jackson!". And now Billy earned some serious clout among his friends on the playground, because he spent $500,000 on doing that, which is impressive to them. Charles wants to be cool too, but he can't just say the same thing and hand over money to Alice, because those aren't the rules of the game they made. The rules state that, if you want to also be cool in the name of Michael Jackson, you have to discuss with Billy upon an agreed amount (say $700,000), and once they come to an agreement, Charles can then announce to everyone "In the name of Michael Jackson, here's $700,000!" and hand over $700,000 to Billy. So this just goes on and on. You can announce "In The Name Of..." something that's already hot and popular, or you can start a new thing by shouting "In The Name Of..." something new like "dinosaurs", and someone can give you money if they think announcing "In the name of dinosaurs" will earn them clout among the playground friends. But if you announce something uncool like "wet socks", no one's going to want to be caught dead announcing that they are giving you money in the name of wet socks, that's just stupid. Unless maybe it's ironically funny, like "poopy", then people might pay money to be "that guy who paid millions in the name of poopy, lol". You sort of just have to read the crowd and figure out what might impress them. Alternatively, you could just not care about looking cool at all, but only care about making money. Then you can play the game by speculating what you'd think other people think would be cool, and trying to announce "In The Name Of..." that thing for a price that you think is a good deal, in hopes that someone will announce "In The Name Of..." for it at a higher price in the future. So that's it. That's basically all NFT is. It has nothing to do with blockchain, or files, or ownership of tokens, or anything like that; those are all things that perpetuate the game (like having a official journal of who shouted "In The Name Of..." for what, how much, and when). The core of NFT is spending money in the name of a cool thing, such that being seen spending money for it is respectable or cool. You might notice that there is absolutely nothing stopping another kid going "I don't like this stupid 'In The Name Of...' game, I'm gonna start a new game called 'I Pledge My Allegiance To...' instead", and everyone deciding that people who played "In The Name Of..." are superdorks and the new coolest thing is "I Pledge My Allegiance To...". And yes, that would mean everyone who spent millions playing "In The Name Of..." more or less wasted their money, since gloating to other kids that you spent $700,000 "In The Name Of Michael Jackson" suddenly became massively outdated and uncool. So yeah, that's it. That's all NFT is about. The non-fungible tokens themselves are just like the journal in the game above: they perpetuate the game, but to be honest, you don't need it to play the game at all. Indeed, you could easily play the same game using a different structure. The trick is getting everyone to think your game is cooler than the other game such that everyone will want to play it instead. It just so happens that NFT uses a lot of cool technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency, so that got everyone interested in playing it. All the talk about "owning an original copy of the digital file" is just like the kids on the playground saying "well yes, you announce 'In The Name Of...' to everybody, but also Stephen from 7th grade writes it down in his Yu-Gi-Oh journal that he got when his family went to Tokyo and he uses this really cool calligraphy pen, like the ones where you dip it in the ink pot, and you have to wait like five minutes for it to dry, it's all really cool". It's not that all the stuff about blockchain and stuff is untrue, it's just that people who answer you with this are describing the wrong part of the game that you're asking about.
  21. Sorry if this has been covered, but what is the best way to score an XBox Series X right now? My son worked a ton of hours this summer and I'd like to help him score one before he heads back to college for fall semester if possible.
  22. It's kind of like watching a multi-car crash on the interstate in slow motion - it's hard to look away LOL. All of the characters are flawed in a different their own way. It's the complete antithesis of Ted Lasso, which I also love for completely different reasons obviously. I think my favorite characters so far are the Dad and the son. The Dad has had some of the best lines in the show and I like the story arc of the son, plus I can relate a little since my son is at least a little similar with regards to the screen time issues.
  23. This is definitely something that crossed my mind. I'm fairly certainly that 95% of what she does is email and surf the internet to pay bills, etc. I was worried about the ability to run Office apps, but I just searched and it appears you can still do that on Chromebook. I'm definitely going to take a look at this - plus it's likely going to be cheaper anyway.
  24. My mom is 2 hours away and is definitely not technically savvy at all. I'm buying her a new laptop and looking for what I should install on it for Virus protection Malware/Ransomware protection - This is a constant battle for some reason. She is constantly getting infected with things like "Your computer has been breached, call Microsoft at 800-123-4567" and the like. Ability for me to connect to her remotely and view/control her screen to assist with questions, install upgrades, etc. Freeware would be preferred, but I'm open to good paid options too.
  25. I agree. I told my wife last night that I don't think it's the person who they seemed to hint at in the opening scene - that's way too obvious. There's got to be some kind of twist coming. Can't wait for the finale next Sunday, lots of loose ends to tie up. Hopefully we get a longer than normal episode.
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