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  1. Thanks for asking. The few days after the vet were kind of worrying, but she is all better now. Very active, getting into everything, randomly tackling the older cat, and all kinds of other hell-raising. I’ve never lived with a kitten before, but I apparently this is all quite normal. The only thing that seems a bit strange is that she sniffs constantly, and you can hear it. I don’t think that has anything to do with her health, so she must have really small nasal passages. Doesn’t seem to bother her a bit. Considering how bonkers she is now, when I look back, it’s clear that she really was very sick. And given how small she was, I’m not sure she would’ve made it. So thanks gang, I really do appreciate it, even if my furniture does not.
  2. I’m so out of my element, I had to look up what 2A means. I’m not Googling bang stick though.
  3. The Progressive / Addams Family tie-in is a channel changer for me.
  4. You said you didn’t give a #### about hockey and I never saw someone say that before.
  5. I think the MSM is just trying to spin this story so it fits nicely into their 24-hr news cycle.
  6. Actually, she has screen reading software for her laptop and even her iPhone. It’s pretty amazing how far adaptive technology has come, particularly in the hands of a savvy user.
  7. Jan is a forty-something, totally blind lady living in Pennsylvania who wants to end a relationship with her (fully sighted) boyfriend Dean. They have been together for several years, and although he has his own place an hour or so away, he has effectively been living in her house for some time now. He has a job at a supermarket in her town and has changed his address to hers. I guess that means they are effectively married by common-law, whatever that means. Now Dean has always been a little rough around the edges compared to Jan, who has a very good well-paying job, owns her own house and is an adherent to to clean living. The problem is, but over the last few years, he seems to have given up any pretense of being a decent human being. He drinks a lot, and I mean a lot. We were talking 12 - 14 beers by 2 PM on his days off. On workdays, he starts when he gets home and in any case drinks until he passes out. Every single day. He has absolutely destroyed her good credit, contributes nothing, and has gotten to be verbally abusive. She wants out, but there are some issues. For one, she is blind and is honestly afraid to confront him. Even if he weren’t to ever strike her, which is within the realm of possibility according to her, she is quite sure he would go on a rampage of some sort that would at least leave her house and possessions in a very bad way. Just changing the locks and disappearing for a few days is out of the question for the same reason. She has preemptively talked to the police, but there’s nothing they can do in terms of having her back unless Dean causes real trouble. She knows that I frequent the FFA and has asked me to look for advice on how to move forward. She doesn’t know how or if she can legally evict him or take some other measure given that they have the same address. If there are any lawyers in the house or anyone else who has insight into this sort of thing, Jan and I are all ears. As I said, she is afraid for her safety, and honestly, she is really sweet and cripplingly afraid of confrontation, which is why she has allowed this to go on so long.
  8. I did not know that. But I do remember hearing somewhere that the Guess Who recorded the theme for Scooby Doo.
  9. Shock the world. I’m guessing that most of the world does not know that East Tennessee State University is a thing, so they probably don’t care that they took down Vanderbilt.
  10. Good news. our kitten hadn’t perked up by Friday, and had gotten noticeably skinnier, so we got her an appointment with a vet. It turns out she had been going through an upper respiratory infection with a side order of goo in her left eye. She got three prescriptions: one for the eye, one for the infection, and one for the diarrhea that I think I forgot to mention earlier but was awful. all have been extremely helpful and she is now doing kitten-type things again. The veterinarian had mentioned that we might want to have her tested for feline leukemia, since she had lost weight and was down to 1.7 pounds. Seems like that won’t be necessary though. We got her some high calorie kitten food and she has been inhaling that as well as eating the other cat’s crunchies. We’ve given her the name, Clara (because my wife vetoed Baconator). Thank you to everyone who gave input. This community continues to be a reliable resource in so many ways.
  11. What the #### is a frush? Oh well, I’ve got two sevens, and two sevens beats a frush.
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