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  1. I just paid my first visit there to check out the Columbus thread. My God, it’s like the Wild West over there. Some of those posters’ comments would result in a first-offense IP ban here. And the forums would be all the better for it.
  2. I’m guessing that this would be good for the prosecution as he won’t have to discuss any drugs that he and Floyd might’ve been on.
  3. He was noncompliant during a traffic stop and darn near got himself shot for not following instructions and showing his hands. Prosecution wanted that video to be inadmissible, but the judge will allow it.
  4. Sorry, the third witness was a bystander who just happened to be an MMA fighter and former wrestler. His testimony revolved mostly around holds, pressure points, etc. and the risks involved with certain restraint techniques. He was treated as an expert witness, though not specifically declared as such. I don’t think the defense knew he was going to testify about anything beyond being a bystander. I’m surprised they didn’t challenge the line of questioning.
  5. And I can’t believe that Donald Williams II’s MMA ‘expertise’ wasn’t vetted by the defense.
  6. Shocking that she never finished high school. Such a train wreck. I’ll bet she is about to get memed.
  7. I don’t like the little fun facts Oz occasionally drops about the previous question. Comes of as smug. Alex had more restraint. Also, I can’t stand this new champ. He takes so long to answer after ringing in. I can’t believe he didn’t run out of time at least five or six times.
  8. Actually, Rattle and Hum’s strategy worked for my iPad. Haven’t tried with my phone yet.
  9. Very sobering. It sounds like just getting to keep the leg would be a victory in and of itself.
  10. I’m a dummy. Nothing to see here or in the next post.
  11. I agree. He was more engaging and had a much better voice for television. I wouldn’t be at all upset if he left his current position to be the new host. I’d still like to see LeVar Burton get a shot though.
  12. Hey Joe, I’ve been writing in to the tech guys about account/login problems since February 6th. Heard from a dude named <redacted>, who wrote me back almost immediately. He said something on the order of, “It shouldn’t be that way, Hang tight and see if it gets fixed.” I said OK. About a week later, this guy emailed me and basically said, “Fixed yet?” I answered that it wasn’t. Never heard back from him. I love this community, and I’ve been a part of it for nearly 20 years. I understand that I’m getting this for free while you folks are the ones who have to support it. I
  13. Think I’ll head over to the Politics Forum to watch the trainwreck which will surely ensue.
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