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  1. Keep buying APPL, I am. You'll be happy this time next year. Own DKNG too. Just holding. It will be fine.
  2. Now everyone is complaining about high prices and shortages. What did you think was going to happen?
  3. You don't need to. If there's something they want, they'll find you. Like an ex-wife's lawyer.
  4. They seem a lot heavier after you carry them a while.
  5. Great info, thanks GB. My "glad I could help" was 100% sarcasm @Steeler
  6. My kids have stocks that realize capital gains and my CPA said they aren't taxable. I'm not sure what the threshold is though. Glad I could help.
  7. I love nature and that sounds great if there were some sort of Star Trek transport/beam device. If I were to try travel there I would probably slip, fall and be devoured by penguins. So until that then I'll find a zoo. Preferably one that serves booze.
  8. Oh boy, which FBG is this? Kidding, would hope and pray nobody here would do something like this.
  9. Like Trump, using the excuse "it was a joke". Just let them all off the hook, like Trump was right?
  10. Every degen has been plowing money into the market for over a year now. The big money is just taking profits waiting for little guys to panic sell because they aren't going to buy their kid a GI Joe with a Kung Fu grip for Christmas. As soon as those hands are cleared out, buying starts again.
  11. 1000000000000% this and that was my opinion per-pandemic.
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