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  1. HFS, this is what I get for working out instead of buying stocks. Nicely done GB.
  2. Let's say your mommy and daddy give you some money for a lemonade stand...
  3. Powell said something to the effect earlier today that rates won't be raised any time soon. Everything took off after that. FWIW
  4. I like to try on sweatpants after other people try them on.
  5. Do you have a space pen that writes upside down?
  6. I agree. Hard to believe it ends with a giant infusion of government cheese while hundreds of millions of stir crazy Americans are about to have an opportunity to party like rock stars in the coming months.
  7. My kids play this and always the they were saying road blocks. I deduced it was a driving game where players threw up road blocks.
  8. Been a dog spider since I've bought. What are they going to use this spider silk for?
  9. AMC popping on news NYC is allowing movie theaters to open at 25% capacity.
  10. "Race to the bottom" describes my life since I was a little boy.
  11. "Why do you hate Mondays Garfield?!! You don't even have a job!!!!"
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