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  1. Big fan of Cammy Cammy New New and happy to read this. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Yes but because of the MSM, BLM, antifa, The Squad, environmentalists, the failing NYT and the Hollywood elite, they changed it to "Under my Most Misunderstood Finger on My Hand That Doesn't Need to be Skinny Like the Other Digits to have Self Worth". It's actually quite catchy and rocks hard.
  3. I was hoping to get some opinions on this. IMO the reporter is a hero. Disturbing that the reaction of the government is that they want to throw him/her in jail.
  4. I sincerely appreciate the advice GB but there's a lot of leads on that ball of twine.
  5. Here's a good example of "chilling free speech" : Journalist warns Missouri about security breach. He’s threatened with criminal charges.
  6. I appreciate you letting me, us, know this. It's in my cash account though and pretty close to even. I don't make trades in my IRA, I have a FA for that. A FA that has done a great job and earned every penny I've paid him.
  7. Same. Was accumulating when it was lower.
  8. I know one thing, no way on this here God's green Earth do they announce a stock split. :jinx:
  9. Bought 1 FB 10/29/30 call with a $350 strike for $2.49. Think they probably blow out earnings and of course has been beaten down. Not a fan of social media. Plague on society IMO. If I profit will donate the money to the poor.
  10. I've held for many years and couldn't be happier. When AMZN breaks out it's in a big way. Then it settles and trades sideways again for a time. I understand it is frustrating but to me it's the epitome of trying to time the market. It's a buy and hold where long term your patience has always been handsomely rewarded.
  11. ME up almost 20%. Good news: I doubled my shares earlier week after seeing the CEO interviewed last week. Not so great news: Unfortunately only 50 shares to 100 total so not exactly ready to buy a helicopter. Anyhow, pretty sure a lot of us were in at SPAC level.
  12. Since FN forgot to include the infraction, here it is: Also forgot to include why he is there: Prison reform in this country is more than overdue. Many defendants can spend a year in jail before even getting their trial. It's a travesty. Not to mention the safety of inmates. You don't deserve to be raped, tortured, whatever, just because you are in there. I'm glad to see that FN cares about these types of things. Let's hope they stay focused on it.
  13. If this post was made by just about anyone else here I wouldn't think twice about it but coming from you is heartbreaking. Stereotyping and extrapolating singular opinions, most often from a social media post of a non-elected official, is the straight from the far right playbook. It's wrong for them to do it and I'm embarrassed at how many decades I used faithfully absorb it. Worst yet, I believed most of it. Off the top of my head look at the Cuomo or Frankin thread. Look at the dozens of posts from Democrats condemning him and of the opinion he should step down. There have also been more than enough threads discussing how posters that normally vote R, didn't the last two elections because of Trump. I'm one of them. It would be tribalism if I did. I'll also point to my criticism of Elizabeth Warren last week in that thread. No need to rehash everything buth he has been a horrible person his entire life and even a worse president. Is there tribalism? Absolutely. Don't paint people with such a broad brush. To say this is proof of tribalism by people who don't support Trump isn't accurate. Your post, it's the first time I've ever seen it. I get my news from Google which includes Fox stories. It was obviously a joke but in extremely poor taste. As to why people aren't here laughing at him I think it's pretty easy, Biden has been a nice guy his whole life. Trump is a bully with the maturity and vocabulary of a ten year old. It doesn't matter if you are a war heto, disabled or have spent your entire life serving the country. Then there's that little matter of trying to steal the election and he's STILL sowing discontent. The only time in the history of this country there wasn't a peaceful transfer of power. There's no comparing Trump to Biden or Trump to most any other republicans past or present.
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