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  1. We were due for a pull back. I've been trying to not be overzealous and have money to put to work.
  2. This is my biggest fear and why I took some off the table
  3. Martinis are great and all but if I knew that key bumps in the middle of a fancy restaurant was socially acceptable I would have tried a whole lot harder in school.
  4. Sold some GME I bought pre-market and free rolling now. Went from up $5k to down $5k this morning and was stressing me out. Just took a really long walk and relieved to see it back up. Plus have a sizeable position in AMC so needed to clean up the books. Considering adding more. :weenhands:
  5. I'm spooked they will keep halting so it won't run the way it should.
  6. No, but again, they don't have a lot of money to spend. Their mean ol' dad has invested most of their money for them in stocks.
  7. I've heard this comparison and prediction since the announcement of the vaccine. I think it's probable. I'm chewing on my fur here.
  8. Pre-pandemic my teenage kids loved going to the mall and hanging out. Of course they don't have a lot of money to actually buy much but they did make some purchases. It was a magical experience for them to actually see products before purchasing them.
  9. Unless you're Robert Downey Jr in Less Than Zero.
  10. The last time I was at the movies, with my family, an usher walked in on me in the bathroom filling my cup o' Sprite with vodka.
  11. Oh I read them. I hate myself, even more which I didn't think possible, for not following your wisdom. I won't make the same mistake again GB.
  12. @David Dodds Please PM me your next moves before posting here. TIA
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