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  1. My deepest condolences to the family of Mike and his friends. Joe, I hope you and everyone else suffering from this terrible disease recover quickly and fully.
  2. I have them on all of my mountain retreats. Highly recommend.
  3. It's very much like an abusive personal relationship. They claim that nobody could love the country, or person, as much them. That it is the greatest love story of all time. That's why it hurts them to physically harm the person, or in this case, try to tear down the very foundation of the country. It's very disturbing.
  4. My doctor insists this is accurate but every time he runs the test does it comes back "tongue kiss me".
  5. Amazing. Dominion is suing all of these people for billions because of the bolded. So what do they do? Admit that is the case because as slander and defamation on their part.
  6. That's a M. Night style twist there. My guess is that the Ninja's realized that they really don't care about furthering the lies of their employers and have already been paid. There's no reason to blow all that money on lawsuits when there are a lot more fun things to do.
  7. That's what I want too. Buy low sell high and all that.
  8. Anybody else here wishing that sell off would have lasted a couple of more days?
  9. Put a buy in on FDX at $210 in case it continues to get hammered and a quick flip.
  10. Where have you been buying and selling as like @identikit keep missing this opportunity. TIA
  11. I thought they were having major issues getting them to the US?
  12. I guess that's part of it. Thanks for the info!
  13. Interested in RHCCF outlook too please. Thanks GB. @General Malaise
  14. I'll never understand this fascination with Cathy Wood recently. She had one good year and all of a sudden she's Buffet.
  15. I still hold it in my kid's accounts. I will look at it again and think $145ish is a possibility soon. I want to hold it long term but the dividend component is a big driver of that and need a decent discount.
  16. Well this was lucky timing, closed down $7.44 a share today. Disney shares tumble as CEO projects lower fourth-quarter subscriber growth than estimates
  17. Must have been awkward Glenn Beck has been suspended after on-air talk of a 'patriot' taking out Trump
  18. There's "a pillow case full of puppies in a river" bounce but it's pretty wordy so hardly used.
  19. Possibly but good chance it's a DC bounce. I think tomorrow will be a better indicator of how the next couple of weeks go.
  20. At least our AMC short is looking much better. @KGB
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