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  1. What is the deal with this guy. He either poops the bed, or goes off with 100+ and 2 TDs. FBG ranks him really high rest of season but I'm not sure I understand why. Is he as valuable as say, and A.J Brown?
  2. Well, I would suspect Kyle DOES have a good assessment too. But I still don't think the running backs are the mains issue.
  3. He isn't watching Hasty and Jeff Wilson...and he is currently watching an offense built around JG's strengths rather than one built around Trey Lance's strengths. I don't see SF's issues being RB driven.
  4. And how does one determine whether it's collusion in this case? Is someone colluding going to admit to it? 🤪
  5. So either a gig on a bad team or even some space behind an injured starter would help. Taylor being healthy certainly limits him. I still think KC might make the most sense if he can compete with CEH, who hasn't been a world beater when healthy.
  6. I could see the Chiefs interested as CEH hasn't lived up to his billing AND he can't stay healthy. Chuba is holding things down in Carolina, but if CMC's hammy/body is breaking down then it's anyone's guess. SF has a number of RB bodies coming back soon and very little draft capital to offer up. Saints seem possible if Tony Jones's tweaked ankle doesn't make progress. If I had to rate it KC > Carolina > Saints >> SF
  7. Do they try to rike McK or would Washington think about a guy like Marlon Mack if the rumors of Watson to Mia for Tua are true?
  8. I snagged him. I've got Brady and a bye coming up. If Watson comes out firing and putting up points this could be a free top 5 QB.
  9. Come on, man..........paging Will Fuller only serves to pull his hamstring and send him to I.R. You gotta treat dude with kid gloves and send that news snail mail.
  10. I picked him up. We'll see what happens. I already feel dirty. I'm going to go home and hug my wife.
  11. If the Watson to Miami is true, it might be time to pick up Watson. If you can stomach him. 🤡
  12. Redraft......Do we need to pick Watson up, or doesn't he get to play..........and can we stomach what he is accused of doing?
  13. Just mentioning Fuller and Parker's names added another week on IR. Those two are just so fragile.
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