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  1. Did anyone tell Jacobs that the game started? Worthless so far.
  2. I think he's droppable at this point. Would you really trust him anyway?
  3. Bite your tongue, Doc...I NEED JAMES to help close out the win in my two leagues next week!!! This guy has been spectacular.
  4. A headache is exactly what he has been. Starting Chubb, Robinson, and Mike Davis over him this week.
  5. What is this clown doing tonight? And why did I draft him again?
  6. I'm in the same dilemma. Pitt D has been great but they are facing a top Off and have lost some key players on the Defensive side.
  7. He dropped a couple catchable balls, too. One that obviously went for an INT or he would have had even better numbers.
  8. Sadly, 41 yards is not "reliable". This guy is killing me.
  9. This is beyond a lost season. It's like the Niners got pushed off a cliff onto the rocks.
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