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  1. "...and, by the Grace of God/Allah/Buddha/Sea Man/Joseph Smith/L Ron Hubbard & The Flying Spaghetti Monster" You forgot the Power of Grayskull! Thanks for the perspective. I agree that it will be rough to run either one of them out there. BUT as you said, OBJ does carry some more name recognition and I think that is what intrigues me about him. He moreso than Chark could net a decent trade.
  2. He started with Philly and Bucs Def...they could be two of the best Defensive fronts out there. I might need to figure out how to go get this guy. He looks pretty sturdy AND quick and we know he has good hands. Opportunity meeting skill.
  3. Hilarious...and I'm guessing you wear neither curved goat horns NOR NFL football helmets around. Please confirm.
  4. I have Higgins as my current #3 in Flex. But I will need more WR. The difference I see with a healthy Chark is that he has rookie Lawrence floundering around and he isn't producing much now. Where Odell has yet to play but has Baker.
  5. 10 team with shorter benches. Guys aren't overly into it all though as you can tell. Someone is gaslighting me and making me feel crazy, but that said, Chark is healthy and really talented in his own right.
  6. Odell is on our FA list and I'm seriously thinking of dumping a health but non-functional Chark in Jax for him. Is this a lateral move? Odell would be the only WR in Clev right now, correct?
  7. Odell seems to have a clear path despite a bum knee...........if anything, this is a wash, right? Chark had a really nice week 1 but then disappeared last week and seems to be taking a back seat to Marvin Jones. Odell obviously takes a back seat to the running game.
  8. Well, if Sermon doesn't have a concussion, he's healthy and easily the most skilled guy in that backfield.
  9. Is my league asleep? I just found Odell on our FA list! Drop Chark for him? Jax is a mess and I can't start Chark anyway.
  10. Sorry, that was confusing and I was "thinking out loud" as I do Right now, Sermon could very well get going if he can play. Now if Hasty goes to IR with Mostert that would leave Trey battling with Mitchel (once healthy) as the primary ball carriers. It's probably a bit of the same as the Baltimore situation. IF you can get the lead guy, and IF Kyle feeds him, you get a productive guy. If Sermon can block AND catch out of the backfield he could really be an asset in the short pass/dink-n-dunk/screen game O. I'm holding for sure.
  11. Jacksonville's Corps sounds about right.
  12. Mitchel hurt his shoulder and it's worse than they thought. Sermon looking like he'll be good to go. You might want to look for another option.
  13. https://www.si.com/nfl/49ers/news/the-latest-on-the-san-francisco-49ers-injured-running-backs Sermon likely the best looking of the bunch if he can lace em up on Sunday.
  14. Agreed...but then...Mitchel wasn't in the picture until after Mostert went down.
  15. As much as I want Sermon to take this and run with it, I'm afraid there are way too many mouths to feed in SF RIGHT NOW and they haven't even gotten the ball to Kittle or Aiyuk yet. This running game is going to work, but it could end up being a 3-4 headed RBBC monster that won't net you a startable player. I think I'm talking myself into dropping him.....but maybe not yet as I don't see anyone on the FA wire that I love more than I love the idea of Sermon swooping in and taking over this backfield after his EPIC 3 time RING OF HIS DING play for a concussion on Sunday. Elbow---Helmet to helmet---then lands with all his weight on his head to finish it off. His helmet earned it's stripes.
  16. I sure hope my 49ers can contain this kid when the time comes. This Arizona O is a nightmare waiting to happen.
  17. Definitely safer with the upside of a top 3 QB in Kyler rather than two rookies. A.J. Green getting a lot of snaps and doing a lot of nothing with them. If Moore continues to get himself open, Green's snaps will have to decline. He is way past his prime.
  18. Green's 82% share has led to a whopping 5 receptions on 12 looks. He isn't doing much with this chances. I think there is definitely room to grow.
  19. Dropped him this AM for R Moore in Ariz. They have a QB
  20. Agreed. They are using him all over the place and with Kyler's ability to move around and buy time, there should be lots of opportunity. I love that he is THIS INVOLVED as a rook through his second game. He seems to have some CeeDee kind of quicks.
  21. Jax just seems to be a dumpster fire right now. I have Chark too and he isn't doing squat either. What was I thinking relying on a rookie QB for two knuckleheads?
  22. Same, but they can't play for your opponents either. D-Fense!....D-Fense!
  23. Surprised to get both Pollard AND Moore. Maybe I am overestimating their value in burning my 2/10 waiver...but still glad to get them. Dumped Tony Jones and Shenault.
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