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  1. Washington State. Under 50, no conditions, no work reason to get it early. Have no clue when I will get it, or how I will be notified. Also haven’t looked too closely. Am assuming when it gets closer to me getting it, I’ll start hearing about it. If I haven’t heard any news by April I’ll start looking into it much more proactively. As to your question about how we open back up I believe it’s just all data driven. When hospitalizations and cases drop, stuff will open back up. The more people that get vaccinated the quicker these numbers are reached. If things aren’t significant
  2. I picked up the eBike. Gotta say this is pretty awesome. Road to place about 5 miles away today. Ride back is pretty much all up hill, nothing crazy but a steady climb. Made it back in about 15 mins with a light sweat. Just charging up hills. Was like Lance Armstrong in the power EPO days.
  3. People rioting to stop the process at the Capitol because the president makes up a bunch of crap about the election stolen from him is impeachable. Pretty much the end of the story. Why the police weren’t better prepared is a whole other issue that should be looked into.
  4. You are saying only if this wasn’t reported incorrectly that Trump shouldn’t have or wouldn’t have been impeached. Come on
  5. This has been covered a ton and frankly I skipped over a lot of it. But want the story corrected very early on. That this officer wasn’t beaten in the head with a fire extinguisher is what turns this whole thing into not being Trump’s doing? The whole day was built around his lies and disinformation. None of this should have happened, none of it needed to happen.
  6. Really? There were cops beaten, tazed, nuts wandering the Capitol, guns drawn all over the place, Congress stopped the selection of our Prez, on and on. This cop’s death was part of the narrative and tragic but not anywhere close to being the reason Trump was impeached.
  7. Sorry to jump in but why are people so hung up on this one part of the events that day? I don’t get this.
  8. Oh Ted. This isn’t your shtick So bad.
  9. Sounds like this list of teams he would accept to be traded has been around for awhile and not that he just gave them to the Hawks in response to this dustup.
  10. Hannity likes the conspiracy stuff more and this needs to be directly tied to Biden or Hillary.
  11. Lack of awareness Shows general sluggishness, heavy footed plodder. Do not draft.
  12. I can trust Ol Joe to be able to walk the driveway to get to the car
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