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  1. No. The BLM thread is down the hall. Pages long.
  2. I don’t have issue with Biden wearing a mask. I think it’s pretty obvious he’s broadcasting a message - masks are effective. It’s overly cautious but it is a painless, low effort way to protect people. To your hurricane analogy. I don’t really think this analogy works but in any case if people refuse to get the vaccine after it has been available to them we are not choosing to let them get sick and die. They can go to the hospital, they can seek treatment.
  3. Then what’s with his “is this really safe” schtick? What aren’t they telling us.
  4. If everyone got this we’d be done by end of summer. We got a gift that they were able to figure out such an effective vaccine so fast. This 30% of the population or what ever the number settles is astounding to me. Refusing to get this for whatever crackpot reasons they have causes this to drag on, potentially turn into something worse, divides us. If by August an individual hasn’t gotten it yet, that’s a “you” problem. Sounds like a #### thing to say but really what else can be done at that point. If they have to learn the hard way so be it. If they don’t get very sick, or don’t get sic
  5. Yep. We were lucky enough to be able to get one and there are dopes out there ruining the chances.
  6. At some point we move forward without these people.
  7. Also, I thought the Dem allies in big tech were silencing Trump and taking his voice.
  8. I agree he likely won’t run. He won’t run if he can’t win, seems very unlikely he can win. I believe you are very wrong about your second take: We need Trump voters Until he gets fully bounced by conservatives he somehow still has enough followers to have leverage.
  9. Until the GOP either separates itself from Don or he goes away he will remain a very noteworthy figure in politics (and be an anchor for the party on the national scene). Neither of these things seem to be happening. He’s back to daily ranting about the stolen election with lies and misinformation on his blog. GOP appears to be aligning with him on this. A shame.
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