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  1. The Jan 6th thread is full of “they didn’t do enough to stop things” and that “it’s the police’s fault that Trump’s people rioted at the Capitol” The FBI has 2000 active investigations going on of what they deem domestic threats. Double what they had just last year. Double what they had in the years after 9/11. I’ll trust their judgement over yours.
  2. And? FBI or FBG Knowledge Dropper. Hmmm.
  3. FBI What a stunningly bad take you have on this.
  4. Not sure if this is the right thread but it was the one that came up in a search. The FBI Director’s testimony over the past few days is pretty crazy. There are 2000 active domestic terrorist investigations going on, more than double anything we had post 9/11. Double what we had just last year. He described the domestic problem as “metastasizing”. Scary stuff that isn’t getting enough attention.
  5. Medicare and Social Security seem to be pretty popular.
  6. In this case ultra wealth was described as 50 million.
  7. Pretty much same here. Team is so boring, can’t shoot. I guess Miller gets one more year then start over again.
  8. On cue, IU airball, 3 pointer by MSU, give the ball to the lesser skilled big man on the block who proceeds to get stripped immediately. Turning this #### off.
  9. Does Indiana ever play in a game where they don’t get blown out or win barely. I’d wager big bucks they lose this game to MSU. I hate blowing through coaches but Archie has been a huge disappointment.
  10. If there is a protest that turns into a riot you should be held responsible for doing things that are unlawful. Right? Lots of these chumps will get off with their little Trump sponsored party in the Capitol because they can’t track them down.
  11. The state removing the mask mandate serves zero purpose. Why do this?
  12. That sucks man. Sorry to hear this. This #### will turn, hopefully sooner than later.
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