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  1. Until radicals start posting TRUTHS. Then they will get booted
  2. Parler was booted for not moderating calls for violence. How will Truth handle this? We know that making fun of TRUTH will be moderated
  3. 1) Company launched today 2) Based in a WeWork with no known employees 3) Sketchy CEO and CFO with ties to China 4) CEO and CFO's previous SPAC deal blew up 5) CEO and CFO bought $10 million in insider shares in $DWAC a month before announcement
  4. Somebody didn’t read the rules!
  5. What would you call a TRUTH from DJT about a stolen election, recounts in AZ that prove it, etc? User generated content means they have to start moderating content. Good luck TRUTHERS
  6. "Heavy-handed" politics sounds like lies about his stolen election, etc. If it's to make money or to spread his lies it's not helpful. It's a free country. If this thing has user generated content I look forward to seeing how they moderate that.
  7. Is this code for a "lies"? This discourse is destroying the country as much as any political party implementing polices you personally disagree with.
  8. Probably won't shock you...but I disagree What do you see the typical DJT TRUTH (is this what the posts are to be called) discussing? How long until he goes on about his stolen election delusions...I'll set the O/U at 4.5 TRUTHS.
  9. He's undercutting his Pillow selling fanboy. FRANK was just about to hit its stride I think.
  10. Yes I imagine many commercial real estate holders personal wealth went down during the pandemic. Trump isn't alone there, trying times indeed. I thought I was clear about that in previous posts. Sorry. That his brand took a huge hit and subsequently impacted his wealth is HIS fault. You piss off 50% of the country and you are in the brand business, well guess what, that's bad for business. In any case he is still very wealthy and I have no doubt he will continue to make lots of money. Good on him. Incidentally, I'd welcome a breakdown of how much money Don charged for his "working" vacays at his own properties over those 4 years. We could deduct money he lost in telling people not to stay at his properties (I didn't know this was a thing TBH) from that tally. Regardless, I welcome getting back on the main topic of this thread. This TRUTH venture. To the bolded - I couldn't disagree with you more here. This is his latest scam. He's throwing stuff at the wall to see if it sticks. Good luck in his new social media empire. I won't be participating
  11. In the thread about TRUTH and it's merits I only talked about Trump.
  12. It's my assessment that Trump is a scammer with a long history of cheesy schemes. I'll put this latest venture in that category. I wish him well.
  13. Trump's wealth went down because his brand is shot and the pandemic. His brand going down the tubes is his fault, the pandemic has hit commercial real estate, hotel/resort industry.
  14. Trump is obsessed with wealth and his image, it's his entire existence. It drives him to such extreme levels that he has convinced himself of bizarre things like he won the last election, that he would have won the first election's popular vote if not for illegal votes, etc. Of course his latest scam is about money.
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