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  1. I don’t get what the door shutting really adds other than it’s crazy that these people happened to capture this moment. It is nuts you can see what look like her sandals and a phone on the ground behind the van.
  2. Perhaps. Certainly not this fast. Two other people are missing this year in the Tetons that haven’t been found.
  3. Elder was a terrible candidate for California. A blowhard with very narrow appeal.
  4. Yeah how she died is unknown but if she wandered off why wouldn’t he have asked for help or mentioned this to anyone? He just drove back home. Now he’s MIA. That we can see the couple’s social media, the cop video, and now this YouTuber video that let them find the body makes this whole story that much more crazy, surreal, etc.
  5. Haven’t been super in to this either until reading about it past couple days. But seems almost no way he wasn’t involved somehow in her death.
  6. Seemed to have the same ones from the cop video where they were pulled over. Which ones aren’t you seeing?
  7. I’d watch these videos over people’s pictures of their lunch all day long
  8. Some YouTubers were just running their camera as they drove the area. They went back and looked at the footage and saw the van. Sent it to the cops.
  9. Pretty chilling. What look like her sandals and a cell phone laying on ground by the van. This video very likely is only way she was getting found
  10. This is just one of the many dumb and weird things this guy said.
  11. The Gabby story is getting headlines because it seems so obvious the boyfriend did it, then you start reading about it and it gets crazier. Start getting updates with video of them and then it feeds itself. Oh and she's a cute young blonde.
  12. One thing about all those Californians moving to Texas...don't think they are going to be a big fan of an extreme right wing governor.
  13. I’d hold these people’s opinions a little higher than say a Fox News talk show host or opinion piece writer for some random website.
  14. Anthony Thompson was my guy but even then a trip to the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl was the big game
  15. How does IU suck at football for 70 years It’s comical how they have pooped the bed for generations.
  16. Hoosiers up by 14 in 1st half against Cincinnati (should be more). They will lose by 10. I’ve seen this movie.
  17. Dropped in my 12 team. Put in for a buck, he went for 35 People are crazy on this guy both ways.
  18. The paranoia is keeping the rally for the paranoid down. That’s pretty good
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