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  1. The more I watch of him, the more I think a good comparison would be an "under-25" Jamal Lewis; prior to him wearing down. They're both big backs that seem to use their size as an advantage, most times falling forward, and often able to slug out an extra yard or two at the end of a run using their momentum. The other thing that stands out to me is they both run with a low center of gravity; keeping their feet close to the ground and constantly churning. I think this is really important for backs that well inside the tackles. Long striders make for a larger target, don't change direction a
  2. I'm a nobody; generic number in the crowd. But it always seemed like that mass of nobodys, always generally going in the same direction, with a passion and respect for what we are afforded as Americans has kept this country united since the Civil War. Slavery, racism, economic inequality... we've always struggled with significant social issues. I hope this is just media sensationalism and the state of technology that allows everyone to voice whatever they want incognito, but it feels different, like this country is really dividing and portioning itself. We've seen things like 9-
  3. My fav is called "True Crime Brewery". The website is tiegrabber.com and they post a new episode late every Tues. evening. It's a husband and wife; middle age. Not sure what the wife does; the husband is a Dr. Each episode is about an hour They start with a craft beer review, usually from the city/state the crime they are discussing occurred in. They then cover a know murder mystery (Dateline style). They do a lot of research and even with well know cases (I.e., Casey Anthony, Madeline McCann...), they always bring new, non mainstream info. The presentation is NPR style; relaxed, but
  4. 1. Tried on my wife's panties. 2. Shaved my entire body, sans my pubes. 3. Saw Celine Dion AND Michael Bolton with my mom at Fair Park in Dallas in the early 90's. What do I win???
  5. First time posting in this thread. My folks grew in central, coal mining PA. Shamokin was the town name. I'm 37 and lived there some years of my childhood. Penn State, the Phillies and Eagles were the local calling. I had a cousin that was a LB for PSU in the mid 80s. I've moved around and dug roots in Ft Worth, so I've adopted UT, but PSU is the one other school I root for and still watch weekly. This has been a great season. I figured a bad decade after Sandusky. This season was special even before yesterday. Barkley, OSU... it's been a dream. Last nights comeback was just ici
  6. Not to bag on you, but Frank Gore has had one of the most incredible runs any player based on all the injuries he's had. He tore both of his ACLs before he ever made it to the NFL. After his 3rd or 4th season in the league he had to have surgery on both of his ankles and. It's of his shoulders. They obviously weren't complete reconstructions, but 4 joints. Then, he had surgery on the hip at 31-32. The dude is amazing and probably shouldn't be still playing, so he's probably not the best "standard case" example. i have no clue what the future holds for Gronk. He's still fairly young and ob
  7. Honest question, and I apologize if this has already been mentioned, but if you are so disgusted with the current state of the country and your fellow citizens, why don't you pack up your #### and move? No one is forcing you to live here. Instead of complaining in Facebook or a FF message board, take some action. I'm sure there are plenty of other nations out there that'd be happy to let you setup shop and take your tax money. No hate here; just an honest question. Good luck with all this and hope you find peace with wherever you decide to do with your life.
  8. After his first 9 games played in 2007, Peterson only played 5 more (missed 2 games), ran for a paltry 260 yards, had 4 catches and scored 4 times. Barring injury, Elliot should absolutely destroy those numbers. He is on pace for the greatest season by a rookie RB and a top-5 all-time season for a RB of any tenure.
  9. Okay scout, you got any data to back that up? For their careers, both players average exactly 4.7 receptions per start. Benjamin averages 68 yards a start; Evans, 73. Both players average .55 TDs a start. In Benjamin's full 2014 season, he finished 139th in YAC. That same year Evans finished 140th. And like you said, add in the fact they both run 6'5", ~ 240, and I'd couldn't imagine finding two WRs that mirror each other much closer.
  10. He reminds me a lot of Mike Evans. 6'5", 240-250; probably not going to get a lot of YAC like OBJ, nor do I expect a ton of receptions like Brown, but his QB obviously favors him, he's a great red zone target, and his YPC is above average. ~ 80 receptions, 1200-1300 yds and 10-12 TDs seems about right if he and Newton can both stay healthy.
  11. The GoM; especially up and down the Mayan Riviera coast is some great sport-fishing. The king prize are fin fish, sometimes topping 1,000 pounds. I was on a charter out of Playa Del Carmen once, when another tourist landed a Grouper that was a good 250+. My personal best was a 72 pound Barracuda caught using a live tuna.
  12. Can u send me the paypal account again. Will pay now. Sorry for the delay.


    1. flapgreen


      Yeah man.  No problem.  Pt4da99@yahoo

  13. This may be sacrilege in a burger thread, but since a Roast Beef sammich was mentioned... The truffle mushroom swiss grilled chicken is about the best eating out chicken sandwich I've had. I like to get it with the egg bun and add tomatoes and sliced onions. It's a mushroom swiss grilled chicken with a truffle mayo sauce.
  14. Even when the police are the ones who initiate the struggle? I don't remember seeing or anyone saying that Serling made any type of threatening move until he had already been taser and jumped. Like I said, the letter of the law likely justifies a good shooting. Common sense, not so much. You win though, bud.
  15. I think that in the end, the two BR cops will walk away scott free because Sterling had a gun, and because the altercation was ambiguous enough that it would be impossible to prove the cops didn't assume he was going for the gun in his pocket. This is just my opinion, but 1. Sterling was first tased, then physically jumped by the one cop before going to the ground. I don't know how I'd respond, but it's not out of the question to think if I were in that same situation and the above had already occurred, that without thinking things through, I'd be rolling around and trying to get out
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