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  1. Where you guys rank him amongst the other d ends?
  2. Only signed a one year deal. Does he stay as a DE this year? Is anyone buying him in the hopes he stays at DE? I’m hesitant to take him in my startup
  3. Willing to give a discounted first year if there’s a commitment to 2022 and beyond. Want to get a good guy in here
  4. https://www59.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=43856&O=07&F=0013 This guy went MIA midway through the year, then eventually quit. We have 15 of the 16 returning, and a really good active group that seem in it for the long haul. This team isn't great, but it has a decent core and the 1.2 pick of the draft. Tons of teams love to trade and you'd probably get a ton of offers for 1.2 (some probably bad lol). Entry fee is $60. Winner gets most. Runner-up gets around 150 then 3rd gets money back. Like I said, really good group, one of my favorite leagues, so we want to be selective on who takes over this team. Please message me on here or email me mschryver123@yahoo.com and briefly talk about your experience, how many leagues you're in currently, etc.
  5. Are you guys holding onto Troy reeder? I have both him and kiser right now. Wondering if kiser sends reeder back to the bench
  6. I don’t really stash dbs either. in a league where I start 2 safeties and 2 corners I usually own 2-3 corners, maybe 4. Usually only 4-5 safeties. I just scooped jaylin Hawkins as my 5th hoping Neal leaves. I’d agree with that point that not much needs to be invested. I usually roster double digit linebackers I usually scoop 3-4 from guys talked about in here and I’ve had really good luck thus far
  7. LJ was just dropped in my one league. Do you guys think he bounces back at all next year? This was essentially his rookie yr
  8. Really good list here. I definitely have had an eye on wonnum and long. I drafted willie gay and have held onto him this whole year lmao. Two other guys I’m looking to pick up are mykal walker and Alton Robinson.
  9. One of the more interesting things I like reading on here is everyone sleepers to pick up for 2021. I’m looking for some young guys to scoop up while they’re still under the radar. Who do you guys got for really deep leagues?
  10. Patsfan39


    I’m a little behind on this. Can a player not opt back in?
  11. Then my next question is how do Fantasy Sharks determine it? And how would the grievance case determine it? If the NFL rules him a DE based off the number of snaps he played on the line, shouldn't fantasy sharks do the same?
  12. I just read they’re filing a grievance to be paid as DEs. If they win, do they get listed as DE on MFL too? I don’t know how it works
  13. Agree with the above about Carolina's offense, I don't think the offense limits DJ Moore at all. I think Bridgewater was a good add for him too. At the same time thought, I'm hesitant to sell low on James Connor. Just last year, this guy was getting picked real early in drafts. I might be in the minority, but I think the Steelers offense bounces back with a healthy Ben. It's definitely a tough one.
  14. Try to trade Lockett or Sutton instead of Moore?
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