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  1. Son also accepted to VT. Still waiting on MIT and all the CA schools.
  2. Turning garage into pool house / man cave - getting quotes this week. Might move in for weekends.
  3. Double 4's in college used mean bong hits. Ahh - good times.
  4. M.I.T. has requested to interview my son - so I guess that means they are considering him. No idea how to prep him for this.
  5. Coming down pretty good now - expecting 12+ inches. Light & fluffy - easy to shovel right now.
  6. My son was also rejected from GT. Acceptance rate less than 6% of applicants this year we’ve heard. Accepted to 3 so far - waiting on about 10 more.
  7. LOL - did the same with my 17 year old son yesterday. Hope all is well SML. Disappointed they didn't land Springer - but not at the expense of not being able to extend Conforto & Thor when they both be looking of a raise after this season. Wonder what they will do with CF now? Bradley Jr?
  8. If my son gets accepted to GT this will be the first text I send him. lol Thx for sharing.
  9. Cubs & DBacks didn't know about it either - his previous 2 organizations. Let this be a lesson kids - sending pictures of your junk in a text will never end well.
  10. Zack Scott having a good day so far.
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