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  1. Great series finale for Season 2. Baba Voss !!! Also sets up nicely for next year. Show was much improved in Season 2 from Season 1.
  2. Plan to surf cast for Striped Bass off Fire Island this weekend.
  3. Patiently waiting for my Bronco Badlands. Ordered February 2021 - expecting early 2022.
  4. I’d say yes - I binged the entire season. Mostly to see what the next sadistic child’s game they had to endure.
  5. Will try not to give anything away. Very cool idea for a show - so dark. The acting was brutal though. I guess the winner can come back next year and try to stop the entire thing - much like the cop tried to do. Definitely different than anything I’ve ever seen.
  6. Haven’t seen an ### whooping like that since they played the Bills late last year. Embarrassing home opener. They have a looong way to go. Maybe one of these decades they’ll finally be able to build an OLine.
  7. Can’t argue with a road win in division. Will they ever get the Oline right? Eichenberg got absolutely trucked for a sack early in the game.
  8. Such a great show. Biko was entertaining but Clay deserved the win.
  9. Jimmy Buffet at Jones Beach tomorrow - really looking forward to it. Miss concerts - I'd go see anything right now. Even Stryper opening up for Cyndi Lauper.
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