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  1. I’d say yes - I binged the entire season. Mostly to see what the next sadistic child’s game they had to endure.
  2. Will try not to give anything away. Very cool idea for a show - so dark. The acting was brutal though. I guess the winner can come back next year and try to stop the entire thing - much like the cop tried to do. Definitely different than anything I’ve ever seen.
  3. Haven’t seen an ### whooping like that since they played the Bills late last year. Embarrassing home opener. They have a looong way to go. Maybe one of these decades they’ll finally be able to build an OLine.
  4. Can’t argue with a road win in division. Will they ever get the Oline right? Eichenberg got absolutely trucked for a sack early in the game.
  5. Such a great show. Biko was entertaining but Clay deserved the win.
  6. Jimmy Buffet at Jones Beach tomorrow - really looking forward to it. Miss concerts - I'd go see anything right now. Even Stryper opening up for Cyndi Lauper.
  7. Drury's first actually trade and he ***** the bed and smothers it all over the walls.
  8. Still shocked the Isles were able to shed the contracts of Ladd, Leddy and Eberle. Next few days will be fun for the NHL.
  9. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe so so bad
  10. Highly recommend The Polaris VRXIQ+ Robotic Pool Cleaner Our 3rd year with it and it’s a beast - throw in 2x a week and it does a great job. Worth every penny.
  11. JJ ! How the hell are you? Can't help with your question tho. If I want to connect my Samsung TV to my outdoor Sonos system/speakers do I need a Sonos sound bar or will any sound bar work? Thx
  12. Pavers, Blacktop or concrete? Try cat litter - if that don't work try the miracle soap - Blue Dawn. If they're pavers you will most likely have to replace them
  13. Only SHG the Isles let up all year is a tough way to lose. But in the end TB was the better team. Isles missed their C in Anders Lee - few tweaks here & there and they’ll be back next year as they open Belmont Park. Good luck to the Bolts the rest of the way.
  14. Looks like he cross checked Tampa right back into cap compliance. oh and . . . https://youtu.be/l6iwqg4UvOw
  15. Garage / Pool House / Man Cave complete. I have a Sonos question if anyone knows . . . Have a Sonos system currently in my garage which is wired to 4 speakers scattered throughout my backyard. I believe its a Sonos ONE (Amp & Port). Can I run the sound from my Samsung Smart TV through my Sonos system? Do I need a Sound bar or can I run an RCA cable from TV to Sonos port? Thx
  16. Point & Vasi are unreal - so good. What a blast last night in the old barn - 3rd period took a few years off my life. There is nothing better than playoff hockey !!!
  17. And the Isles play much better at home. Certainly don’t look outmatched or outclassed thru the first 2 games. Like the confidence tho - good luck the rest of the way.
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