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  1. Overheard at work: "It makes probing a pleasure" -- Flamboyant, yet closeted homosexual electrical engineer
  2. Well, if there was any doubt about who is going to win, this should put that to rest. :lmao:GUNZ-ED!
  3. I'm not sure they have faced a defense as bad as Michigan's yet. Wisconsin scored more points against Michigan than they did against Wofford. :)ETA: and they usually get destroyed by mobile quarterbacks.
  4. With all the drama going on around the program, I've got to imagine that will hurt their recruiting of those types of prospects, at least for this year. I don't think there will be a long-term impact or decline in their recruiting success, but with the current turmoil, and the possibility that the coaching staff will be gone after this year (not likely) or next if things don't turn around (guaranteed if they don't win 8+ games), will likely make a lot of those kids look elsewhere.
  5. Maybe not offensively, but Michigan's defense is atrocious, and it's mainly due to a lack of talent (and size).
  6. As a Spartan who is used to late season collapses, I've been LOVING sports talk radio after the UofM games the last few weeks. Wal-Mart Wolverine meltdowns are hilarious. The real question in the UM-OSU game this year isn't who will win, but how bad does UM have to get beaten for DickRod to get the axe?
  7. Almost all x-mas music sucks. I can't believe people actually want to listen to it for two months.
  8. To understand how funny this is, did she sleep through the entire day and make this call, or did she get hammered after work, pass out, and wake up at 8:30 in the evening, thinking it was morning?
  9. Not yet...AT&T is holding it up. Apple has made the functionality available, and many others have enabled it, but AT&T still seems to be refusing to do so, in addition to refusing to do MMS stuff.Looks like MMS in August. Why the hold up though? I'd buy it the day it comes out anyway, but I will unleash holy hell on somebody if they dont have it up by Sept. 1ATT claimed it would put too big of a strain on their network, IIRC.Eff them. The 30 bucks a month I pay for the friggin' data plan should buy me enough bandwidth to use my phone as the server for FBG.
  10. I don't see why it wouldn't. It should still be able to connect to networks via WiFi, too, so everything except the phone part should still work the same, I imagine.
  11. Simple. When you sign, you tell ATT you want to keep your number and they take care of it (or enter the info on a form if you're ordering online).
  12. Exactly. Getting paid to take a dump is one of the simple pleasures in life.
  13. If you're spraying to kill dandelions, make sure you use just weed killer and not grass and weed killer.
  14. Dearest nutjob, Most people, if someone was holding meetings and conference calls at their desk and it was becoming a distraction, would privately take the person aside and politely ask them to try to find a conference room, or somewhere a bit more appropriate for such activities. But I think your approach of a 5-minute tirade for all to hear about how, "I can't take this #### anymore," and, "It's driving me nuts", is much more appropriate in a business environment. Never mind that the rest of the people in the room deal with far more interruptions and distractions from your loud conversations about your grandkids, Weight Watchers, and the occasional screaming matches you have on the phone with your mother and siblings. Now the poor socially awkward woman you screamed at will probably off herself tonight. But hey, no more disturbances, right? Sorry if our snickering over here interrupted your flow, SM
  15. I don't think the terms of the exclusivity agreement between ATT and Apple have ever been publicly disclosed, but it's widely believed that it runs until 2012.
  16. I wonder how many in the Top 30 really work at home, alone.I assure you, my workplace is exactly as described. At the moment, two idiots are doing a conference call at extremely high volume at one lady's desk, and earlier today, I was treated to some highlights of the four topics that the crazy(est) lady in my room talks about -- Weight watchers, and her grandkids. Apparently there was no time to discuss the price of jicama at local stores or the fact that she's from California. Kill me.
  17. You're just trying to pull ahead of me, guy. Nice attempt.
  18. Hey ####face, Thanks for doing your conference all at your desk. None the people around you find it the least bit distracting. The way you are screaming into the microphone is a nice touch. Wishing you well in your quest to understand amplified sound, SM
  19. Any idea if you'd need a Sirius subscription?I've had my iPhone for about a week now, and I've never been an Apple fanboy, but this thing is geeky life-altering awesome.
  20. How does one who is dumb enough to fall for one of those scams accumulate $400K? You'd think they'd have pissed it away on magic beans or something before the Nigerian scammer could get to them.Where can I procure some of these magic beans you speak of?PM me your SSN and bank account information, and they'll be in the mail tomorrow.
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