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  1. How does one who is dumb enough to fall for one of those scams accumulate $400K? You'd think they'd have pissed it away on magic beans or something before the Nigerian scammer could get to them.
  2. Batpoop crazy lady (the non-werewolf one), What kind of freak puts friggin' bells on their coat so that you jingle everywhere you ####### go? And for the last two weeks?
  3. NOBODY GIVES A #### ABOUT YOUR BORING STORIES ABOUT YOUR GRANDCHILDREN!!!!!!1111 Stories are better when they have a point or are interesting. HTH.
  4. Overheard at work: Lady #1: It says here that tonight will be the biggest full moon of the year. Wack Job Lady #2: Yeah, I can feel it. ?
  5. Overheard at work: "Have an abortion for Christmas."
  6. Another lady I work with was apparently talking yesterday about her husband going to the doctor because he had "oily stool". I was working from home, so I missed out on that little gem.
  7. Dear Lady who I assume has 30 cats at home: You cried watching "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"? Seriously? Oh, and I'm sure your nephew is ecstatic that you live a mile away and plan on randomly dropping in whenever you feel like it to see their kid. Rgds, SM
  8. I have to assume that a fat chick sent this out. Reply with "Too late for you, I guess."
  9. I thought it was hilarious when Tom called the one guy out about ripping off something Wolfgang Puck has been doing for 20 years. I agree with Scoob in that Hosea is my pick to win it all. It seems like the person they put forward as the favorite in the early episodes (Sam, Trey, Richard) usually trips up somewhere along the way. I can see the Euros having trouble in the team competitions if they're as d-baggy as they were portrayed.
  10. Ladies, You're not smart. Discussing the bailout only confirms that. Economically, SM
  11. Dearest crazy woman, Perhaps you might want to go somewhere else when you need to make a phone call about your colonoscopy. After all, I know you have a cell phone, since I get to hear your Austin Powers or No Doubt "Hey Baby" ringtones about 5 times per day. This might be one of those topics where you should consider going somewhere a little more private -- or maybe lower your voice a little bit. But no. Now I have a mental picture your colon. I'm going to go stab myself in the temple to get that image out of there. Lobotomizingly yours, SM
  12. Was the goose drunk, too? What self-respecting goose allows a drunk moron to catch him, and doesn't beat the crap out of him with his wings after he gets caught?
  13. Dear Insane Woman, When you say, "I am not losing my mind," 5 times in a 30 second conversation, you're losing your mind. HTH. Mentally, SM P.S. If I ever get ahold of the ####### who stole my mp3 player, I will punch them in the taint for forcing me to listen to you for the past 3 days.
  14. Dear person who stole my mp3 player last night, :finger: Now I have nothing to block out the sound of these crazy #####es all day. Great idea to risk your job for a several-year-old dinosaur of an mp3 player and the headphones that have been jammed into my ears for the past several months. #### you, SM
  15. Dear guy with the nuclear yellow pee who doesn't flush,What wadegarrett said. Urinally yours,SMP.S., If you are indeed radioactive, you might want to get that checked out -- unless you have superpowers. In which case, carry on.
  16. Unless you're saving them all up for a big trip or some other reason you'll need a lot of time off later in the year, this makes you a sucker.
  17. You sure you have the authority to make that request, GB?Just trying to keep the anger directed at coworkers, y'know?Sorry, lame attempt at hierarchy joke.
  18. You sure you have the authority to make that request, GB?
  19. Agreed. Can we please not update the title after the Finale until at least the beginning of next week?I just cannot understand how Lisa made it this far. She's been on the chopping block seemingly every week, but has hung around. Dale, Antonia, and Spike seemed much more deserving. I think Richard is the best chef of the finalists, but I think there's a very good chance that Stephanie takes it. I know the producers are probably hoping that Stephanie does well, because I'm sure they'd love to have a woman win it. She's definitely close in talent, so if it's close I expect she'd win. Lisa is going to be exposed for the hack that she is (relative to the others).
  20. It would be a cold day in hell before I did that. 1) it's freaking dumb b) I have no baby picsYou should go off the deep end about losing all your baby photos.Oh, there is no bloody way I would even consider participating in something this stupid.You should bring in a picture of a african american baby if you are white and vice versa You may have just made me a participant in this little game...
  21. It would be a cold day in hell before I did that. 1) it's freaking dumb b) I have no baby picsYou should go off the deep end about losing all your baby photos.Oh, there is no bloody way I would even consider participating in something this stupid.
  22. Dear Cows, The four of you run about a combined nine bills. I think you can survive one Friday without donuts, so the last half hour of complaining about the guy forgetting to bring them seems a little over the top. Gluttonously yours, SM
  23. Dear Hypochondriac Lady, First you were having stomach issues due to tomatoes and nuts. Now, you determined that there's no scientific basis for the nuts causing your issues. I'm glad all your hard work in the lab paid off on that one. Now, the same day that we all got to hear you talking about how you needed to go get some kind of abdominal scan, I walk into the kitchen, and you're chowing down on a Big Mac. I hear those are great for digestive health. It's truly amazing that you continue to have all these issues with your healthy eating habits. I admire your dedication in not opting for the salad during the multiple times per week you go to Wendy's. For the life of me, I can't figure out why, despite all the times I've heard you say that you're going to lose weight, you've actually gotten bigger. Ah, the mysteries of the human body. Yours in good health, SM
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