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  1. Dear people talking about their children/grandchildren/anyone they know under the age of 16,I don't give a #### about your children or what they are doing. And their pictures? If I don't want to hear about them, what makes you think that I want to see pictures of them doing "cute" things? Your children are ugly, just like you. You combine two steaming piles of crap, and you're expecting a rose to result?No, I don't have kids, and I don't have any plans to have them. I don't really think I should have to explain the reasons for that. It's none of your ####### business. I like having my own interests. Your kids are not one of them. Please shut the your cake hole.Love and kisses,SM
  2. That was like Gordon Gekko, but interesting. for next week.
  3. well? wtf are you waiting for, a bonus?they're not really co-workers anymore.I think we'll make an exception for you, Mr. Letter-of-the-Law.
  4. Dear lady talking on the phone at high volume, Telephone technology has come a long way. It's no longer a couple of cans on the ends of a string. You do not need to shout to make sure the sound travels all the way to the other end of the line. Yes, there is a microphone in that receiver, and it does amplify your voice. But since you've given me the privilege of listening to your inane conversations, I'd like to mention that loud and dumb are a bad combination. Here's a tip -- if you have to start ever conversation by saying, "I hate to bother you," chances are, you're bothering them. Finally, voicemail systems log the time that you called, so you don't need to include that in your message. You especially don't need to say the time down to the minute. It just makes you sound weird(er). Fo' shizzle, Shootah
  5. Dear Lady from California, Hey guess what? It's February, and this is Michigan, so chances are, the weather isn't going to be all that nice. I know, California is such a great place, and you miss it. But guess what? I don't give a ####! I've been there and yeah, the climate is nicer. SO WHY THE HELL DID YOU MOVE TO MICHIGAN, IF CALIFORNIA IS SO GREAT?! Also, if someone disagrees with you or has a problem with something you've done, it does not necessarily mean that they have a personal vendetta against you. And there are other responses than getting mad and #####ing about it for the next hour/and or crying. Yours in Christ, SM
  6. Some reporter just has to ask Brady himself about it soon.
  7. In Wolf's case, that hand was doing something else. More like this -->
  8. Some dude is laughing his ### off that he got two porn star names past his wife/gf.
  9. Why? Other than people there speaking something resembling English, I can't see one advantage that Arkansas has over France. - Proximity to other U.S. states- Friendliness - HS and college football - Less social unrest and other political and socioeconomic reasons - Outdoor recreation - Southern culture While I can see why some people might choose France, I can also see why some people might choose Arkansas. But doesn't Zippy live in Arkansas? I'd think that would trump all of those things.
  10. Why? Other than people there speaking something resembling English, I can't see one advantage that Arkansas has over France.
  11. I bet the voting results aren't what you expected to see, are they? Hi shooter,The voting is exactly what I would have expected from this board. They're not for you? J Actually, I'm shocked that more people would rather live in Arkansas than France.
  12. I bet the voting results aren't what you expected to see, are they?
  13. "She's trying to get me to be a better person and reconnect with my son. I'm trying to get her to renounce God and #### me."
  14. I'm sure he hasn't been by to update because he's been nailing his chick non-stop for the past week.Or else, he's taking a week away from posting to get in touch with his feelings.
  15. Is this just an elaborate scheme to see how many fools you can get to go out and chuck Ritz crackers around, while their neighbors/coworkers look on like ?
  16. Well, until you get that pic, you obviously need to post one of some dude that she knows. :wheelhouse:
  17. You really expected Andie McDowell? I'm surprised she looks as much like her as she does.
  18. You should have tried to nail the chick on the right.
  19. Dude, seriously, look outside the house. You're severely limiting your options, and things get weird if you bone someone in the house and it doesn't work out.
  20. It's being so hard up that you (or your buddy) are going to sneak in a video camera to a wet t-shirt contest. Come on, man, there's porn all over the internet if you need to watch video of some b bs. Going is fine. Trying to tape it is :11:Edit: and if you get caught, the bouncers will kick the #### out of you.
  21. There's no ####### way you're older than 20.
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