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  1. I think they are all in the beach house in some way or another. I think the chick he's still trying to work just comes to visit. I think Julianne stays in the house. Wolf writes like a monkey on crank, so it's kinda hard to follow sometimes.
  2. One chick who supposedly looks like Julianne Moore, who is already boning some other dude, and the one that Wolf is still trying to work, who supposedly looks like Andie MacDowell He claims he'd have no problem getting some if he wanted to hook up with some random skank.He still thinks he has a chance with the chick (Andie) who brought the guy.
  3. Same here. The summaries posted haven't been that good. -Guy has a share in a beach house and goes there most weekends. -Tries to get action from two different chicks. Ends up talking about his feelings. -Passes on "guaranteed action" from other drunk chicks, even after the chick he wants to bone brings another dude for the weekend. -Dude shows an embarrasing lack of skill with the ladies. -We all pile on and tell him to just put it in the nearest warm hole.
  4. Did she remember your dress size, too?She just wanted to confirm that the number was 0.
  5. We need a :blueballs: smilie for it to make any sense.
  6. Horrible decision. how can you make that claim, so you would rather bag some 7's killing your chances with a 9?7 + 7 < 9 The key word is "chance". You haven't shown the skills necessary to close the deal. You need to take what you can get.
  7. Don't get me wrong.. your floundering attempts at seducing drunk girls who are already sleeping in your house is still highly entertaining.... please keep updating. Seriously, larryboy could have closed the deal by now on at least one of them.
  8. Another weekend gone by of spanking it and talking to these chicks about their feelings, while they're getting railed by other dudes, no doubt.
  9. No game. None. If you get laid this summer, there will certainly need to be roofies involved.
  10. Good Christ, there is no way you just did an in-depth analysis of this situation. If this is somehow real, dude has no game is just going to end up spankin' it anyway.
  11. Yea, what would Jesus do with two chicks? Spectate? Jesus liked to watch?
  12. If she didn't run off after this cornball line, you're golden.
  13. In the middle of The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair right now, but haven't picked it up in about a week. About to start The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson to lighten it up a little.
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