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  1. Typical scene at my school. Camryn: Ugh. I can’t stand VSCO girls. Jaysyn: Me either. They’re just so basic. Michalynn: The way they all look the same, dress exactly alike,...so stupid. As they stand there in their red “Pismo Beach Lifeguard” hoodies and ripped jeans with leggings underneath.
  2. Actually this week I’m going to start using “Chilruns”.
  3. @krista4is going to be ticked that we haven’t mentioned Big Star yet https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bfV6W7SeCzg
  4. “Hello, Hello” Mexico70
  5. More Chunk. One of their best. Video is awesome as well https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bkUeYLHiz58
  6. I think I’m going to start using something even more obnoxious like “kidlets” or “kidaroos”.
  7. Some local guys put this out back in the 90s. Id call it power pop meets British Invasion.
  8. Probably the best power pop album of the last 30 years Material Issue IPO
  9. Search for a guy named Ken Oatman on Spotify. Dude has dozens of power pop playlists. It’s pretty damn impressive.
  10. A pretty great genre, Kemoslobby.
  11. I can’t believe I have to root for the Cowboys like some sort of goon.
  12. Trubisky showing Rogers how to throw TD passes. BURN
  13. I’m trying to think of something. Signing the First Step Act I guess.
  14. How in the world did you take anything I posted as not letting you have an opinion?
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