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  1. On 11/8/2019 at 6:50 AM, mr. furley said:

    as i understand it, a VSCO girl is just the new wave Valley Girl.  more or less the same criteria.  

    my daughter tried explaining it to me and it sounds just like what i remember from the middle school years. VSCO girls are the girls who clique up that look alike, talk alike and are too cool for everyone and everything.


    Typical scene at my school.

    Camryn: Ugh. I can’t stand VSCO girls.

    Jaysyn: Me either. They’re just so basic.

    Michalynn: The way they all look the same, dress exactly alike,...so stupid.

    As they stand there in their red “Pismo Beach Lifeguard” hoodies and ripped jeans with leggings underneath.

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