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  1. Best one so far https://www.reddit.com/r/Unexpected/comments/dtfu5l/love_this_new_gender_reveal_idea/
  2. Hi Maurice Tremblay, Welcome to the Politics Forum!
  3. Brian Jones Was Murdered is playing at the Belvedere on the 26th.
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/dgn04h/3_girls_gets_assaulted_live/
  5. "Are tight dungarees turning our children into sex-crazed hooligans?"
  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/david-fincher-fight-club-edward-norton-VAkrquyxgjAQg
  7. I made exactly ONE post regarding this entire issue in this thread. Here it is: That's it. Period. DN asked a question and I answered. I didn't preach. I also didn't participate in Rockaction's original thread. Calm down.
  8. What a strange task to undertake. But whatever blows your hair back.
  9. Totally predictable considering who the Commander-in-Chief is.
  10. Star of "Saving Silverman" Amanda Peach
  11. 1. Because he is a huge liability towards the safety of our nation. 2. At worst they are trying to protect our nation despite the moronic actions of POTUS. If that leads to his removal, so be it.
  12. Hey you...in the drum-circle...what's the butcher's bill?
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