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  1. Burning hats and swearing at cops = savage. Cool.
  2. Robby Benson once played a Cholo and it was hilarious.
  3. Well of course people shouldn't do that. I watched that video like 5 times and it's still unclear what happened.
  4. Posting videos where you can't tell what in the heck is actually going on?
  5. If one of my kids ended up working for Trump I'd have to wonder what I did to fail them. That's just me, though. I'm sure there are some here that would say the same thing if their kid ended up working for Bernie Sanders or Beto.
  6. Understandable but chicken poop. George’s Wife is complicit and a big part of the problem. Bharara: At the risk of getting into something that may be a bit delicate— Conway: —Not going there. Bharara: Fine. See yourself out, blowhard.
  7. This makes ZERO sense...shocking, I know.
  8. It is a crime but rape is so much different. Especially when the perp is someone you know or trust etc. I won’t even try to pretend to understand what a woman goes through when this happens. It’s not like you walk outside one day to find your car has been stolen. Of course your first move is to call the cops. Rape is such a total mind-#### that the logical rules don’t apply.
  9. Any GOP in Congress (or otherwise) that is upset with this move have no one to blame but themselves. You created this monster and have enabled him. You’re complicit.
  10. Nice. Have they played “Mama Tried” or “Kern River” yet?
  11. Today my kids are watching part of an old PBS video on The Revolution. This guy's is in it. Cracks me up every time he shows up on the screen https://i.ytimg.com/vi/a0o3bgKwgDI/hqdefault.jpg
  12. He should have been the nominee in 2016. And if he had somehow won the general election I wouldn't have minded too much.
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