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  1. I'm thinking he couldn't break 25 mph. Terminal velocity of a freefall human on this planet is about 200 mph. YW Sammy Watkins has Elite aerodynamic features, human terminal velocity does not apply.
  2. Why would this be on someone's mind? Is a trade happening? Foles + Kelly >>> Luck + Indy in fantasy. I don't think anyone is arguing Foles is a better or more talented NFL QB.
  3. Meanwhile you would have missed out on close to 10ppg in leagues that award 6pts per TD this year. Why wouldn't you even consider it?because I have a stud for the next decade and a half and Foles numbers will dive if ge ever leaves Chip Kelly.Do you have a stud? Luck hasn't been anywhere near ff stud yet. And you are banking on it for 10 years? You think Nicks is his savior?
  4. Still interested in where you would rank Crabtree if he had the speed of Watkins or Watkins if he had the size of Bryant (call it an inch taller and 10 lbs heavier), which is very relevant to the thread. I think he would be easier to imagine as an inch taller and 10 heavier. Everything he does now would be that much easier, he would be a bit closer to "elite" in my mind. He uses his size and positions himself well.. he still wouldn't have Dez's athleticism imo, but perhaps an edge on the mental (a small edge). Give him top tier speed and I think his game would change... a lot. Hard to imagine a Crabtree blowing the top off a defense or running reverses and returning kicks.
  5. Well, now this thread will drop off page 1. What a party pooper.
  6. I believe you have posted his height and weigt no less than a dozen times in this thread. Obsessive much?
  7. Also, someone link me the last year we didnt have an analyst hyping a WE as "one of the best in the last x years". An extremely vague compliment.
  8. That list is an argument for longevity more than anything.
  9. Watkins (shade under 6-1, 211) is more physical than Wayne (6-0, 198). I stick by my comparison to Dez. I would definitely lean Watkins more towards Wayne than Dez. I don't see the big and the physical, I see the slighter frame (than AJ/Dez) and the body control.
  10. I'm interested to see how the Lions handle the tough decision here. Gotta let him go and get something for him, but my guess is they won't. Let one of the most dominant defensive players go at the height of his career? What would the people who said the Lions have no shot at becoming a good franchise say then? Salaries can be manipulated and restructured every year. "Gotta let him go?" I wonder if that would make us better just because we could sign a few more bench warmers. We just need to hit in the draft like other teams do, after Mayhew gets fired hopefully we get a better GM who can work the deal and judge talent better. With $20 mil + im betting they can get a couple few starters.. along with high round picks. They blew a chunk of their cap on 2 players.. can't pay everyone. Would be great if they can play with the numbers, i just dont see Suh giving them a discount.
  11. Not sure about the intangibles? Wilson has perhaps the best intangibles of any young QB. I doubt Manziel has Wilson's love of the game when he's out partying all the time. Yea, no NFL stars have ever partied and had success. I mean that Cowboy dynasty must have hated the game.
  12. No offense to bramel.. but this is pure fbg marketing schtick.
  13. Yes lets throw on field production out thev window when searching for solutions.
  14. If we missed the pre-order.. is there a chance in hell of getting one of these before christmas?
  15. It produces consistent mediocrity. Not consistent quality. Its ok food at decent prices in a nice atmosphere. But just stop trying to sell it as GOOD BBQ. Its not. For me, the most important part of the meal is the food itself, as such, I recommend the best BBQ places in the area, especially as they have a charm all their own.You're wrong, cos is right. Salt Lick is good BBQ with a great atmosphere. It's just become "cool" to bash it now since it got so popular. But it's still good.Never been better than average imo.
  16. If Lebron goes to Miami and doesn't win multiple championships he will become the hugest fail in recent memory.
  17. Yes, AT&T is weak in some areas, but you'd be a fool if you don't think AT&T is scrambling to improve their network so they don't lose a ton of subscibers if this happens.I work in telecom, my job involves getting these wireless companies on air, and I'm involved with a large percentage of their new site constrictions and upgrades, and I can assure you AT&T has been very busy all over the country. Ah, it really is personal for you. Explains everything.
  18. Nah verizon people hate the iPhone and thinks it sucks. They couldn't possibly want one after making my ears bleed with all their talk about how much better the droid is and android software blah blah.I bet they sell 1 or 2 phones, max.Like your counterparts on the other side, its crap like this that kills these threads.:cry:Cry about it.Seriously, everything I've heard from people with verizon is that the iPhone is 2nd rate compared to the android OS, why would you expect it to do well?And unlike those clowns, I own an iPhone, and am posting in the iPhone thread.Where were you with your cape and trusty steed to ride in and rescue this thread yesterday or the day before when people who do not and will not ever own an iPhone were in here stinking this thread up with joke links about the ihand and gloating about e antenna issues?Oh that's right, you kept your mouth shut. Why don't you try it again?You seem upset. I own both, have used both for the last week, and am choosing to stick with the EVO over iPhone4. Not even close for me.That is all. Feel free to continue the personal insults and temper tantrums over phones.
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