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  1. Thanks guys, I'll head over to the other thread. Trying to get as much information as possible before we meet with someone else.
  2. I have a quick question, and this may not be the right place for it. We have paid off all debt other than house, cars, and her student loans and are in our mid 30's. Our financial guy is talking to us about a backdoor IRA vs. a life insurance retirement plan. He strongly suggested the life insurance retirement plan. We already have life insurance through him, but I felt like he was too pushy towards the life insurance and it rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not trying to get political, but he did. He was talking about how terrible Trump has been for the stock market and said people have been
  3. We’re down here now, I’ll ask security if I have a chance. Most rooms don’t have a freezer to freeze freezer packs anyway. We got a cabin this trip, I can’t recommend it enough if you’re on the fence.
  4. To make bag checks faster when entering the park. The security staff hated having to dig through it as well. My understanding is that it’s ok if you bring it in drinks, just not loose in a cooler.
  5. We’ve considered going with a streaming service for a while now. Comcast made me mad this weekend so I started a PlayStation Vue free trial. On my local channels, the sound is slightly off from the video and it drives me crazy. Is this always a problem, or will it get better?
  6. I live in WV, it’s an odd state. You can’t win a local election if you aren’t a democrat, but nationally WV leans red. Both parties as a whole have shifted left in the last 20 years. I really think the current National Democratic Party is just too far left for the state, then you have Obama’s “war on coal” as I hear locally all the time. To add to this, there isn’t a huge population of energized young people Iike you have in other states.
  7. I’m done. It’s not intentional, she states it clear as day in the video. It’s funny that we can question what Kavanaugh says in a high school yearbook (rightfully so), but we can’t question what Dr. Ford says in her testimony.
  8. It’s not intentional, I promise. She contradicted herself like 30 seconds apart. She clearly says that it was to remain confidential until right before the hearing, her attorney interrupts, and then her story changed, which is exactly what I remembered all along.
  9. Directly before this she says it was going to be kept confidential until right before the hearing.
  10. Which is completely contradictory to what she said directly before her attorney interrupted.
  11. The last part of this quote from the video though. She clearly says “until right before the hearing”.
  12. Also, I clearly remembered exactly what Dr. Ford said. Maybe you can argue she misspoke or was confused. She clearly says that the letter was going to remain confidential until right before the hearing. I see this as a clear attempt to be deceitful, thus politicizing a potential domestic abuse to try to steal a Supreme Court justice, same as the republicans did. I’ve been consistent with that through this whole thing. I think both parties are wrong here. You can disagree all you want, but leave the personal attacks and attacks on my morals out of this.
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