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  1. Anyone have any insight on his calf injury? He got free and clear of the injury report for one glorious week, but now he's back on it with the calf injury (as well as being sick). Is the calf something he's been playing through for a couple weeks or is it a new injury?
  2. We use two IDPs per team in my league, and there's always a huge glut of 100+defensive guys hovering right around VDB value of 0. It gets hard to see who's left skill position-wise when they're surrounded by so many defensive players. Is there some way I can get DD to ignore these guys in the player pool? I tried setting the numbers of IDP starters to 0, but that takes them out of the pool and I'd have to enter them by hand during the draft.
  3. I had a draft this past Tuesday. Last night I updated the DD file for the league to get new projections, and DD sent everyone drafted back to the FA pool. Is this happening to anyone else?
  4. DD leaves off Week 17 by default, if I'm not mistaken. That might explain the difference in the PD points and the DD points.
  5. Can the DD handle fractions in the number of roster spots? I have a 16-team, 16-man draft where 36 QBs were drafted last year, an average of 2.25. If I enter 2.25 as the number of QB roster spots, will the DD give three teams 2 QBs and another team 3 QBs? I ask mainly because we had 22 kickers (1.38/team) and 21 defenses (1.31/team) drafted last year, and I had the maximum roster spots set at 1 for each of those postions. Assuming that my league's draft pattern holds this year, I'd like to account for those extra players that would be drafted.
  6. The 'Powers' series by Brian Michael Bendis is basically a police procedural set in Metropolis or Marvel's version of New York City, centered around the detectives who have to investigate supercrimes. It's a fun read.
  7. In a related note, does the ADP actually represent my league settings, or is it a generic 10- or 12-team ADP list? For example, is the ADPs listed for my 16-team draft actually based on 16 teams?
  8. Yeah, the iphone, while a great mobile device still has very sucky battery life. And I thought the 3GS had a much better battery life, sounds like it's still crap. I would advise getting a car charger or one of those portable ones, or better yet both lol. I take my charger everywhere I go for this very reason.the phone is awesome - I really love it - just feel like I cant use it far from home base do to this issue - wondering if im alone cause they were touting battery life.The battery does have a longer life -- if you keep it turned off, disable a lot of the features, just make a couple of ca
  9. So they pimp out the tethering feature and brag about how many countries they are active in, but don't mention the U.S. by name. So... no tethering in the U.S.?
  10. There's carrying cases that have a flip-over piece to help protect your screen in your pocket, purse, etc. That might help you out.
  11. Slacker is a pretty good app if you want to listen to music. You probably won't find any new bands using it like you would on Pandora, but sometimes I just want to hear what I know, not what I 'should' like.
  12. So if I was thinking about getting an iPhone, should I wait until this summer? I don't want to get one and it be dated two months after I buy it.
  13. The wife is wanting us to upgrade to a pair of iPhones. What's the scouting report on using an iPhone for fantasy sports?
  14. Any reviews of the Cylon Detector app? It looked pretty sweet from the promos during Battlestar Galactica.
  15. Can anyone tell me how long of a cab ride (and venture a guess on the price) it is from downtown Freemont Street to the Wynn/Encore area of the strip? The wife has a business conference at the Wynn in October, but it looks like what we'd pay for one night at the Wynn could cover our entire lodging bill downtown. Just curious how long of a taxi ride it would be and how much it would cost to do that.
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