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  1. Agreed and it sucks. Every time I go to pick up Club International, Hometown Honeys, or Cheri....they've been out of stock.
  2. Sad? Huh? Time to get the wife up on the granite counter tops... But in all seriousness, don't be sad. You did good raising your kid(s). Live your life. Don't be the non-stop, all in their biz parent. Get some hobbies and have fun.
  3. What was his motive? Just mad at the world?
  4. Anybody mess around with PrizePicks? Any good leans this weekend for NFL?
  5. Not difficult at all. They come down hard in there.
  6. Whoa, you seem more bothered by my reaction to this than me actually being bothered by it Just observing that it's silly behavior....especially to coworkers who aren't that close to you.
  7. "My :insert relative/friend/whoever here: would have been :insert age here: today". Why do people do this? A coworker just said her mom would have been 90 today. Okay. On February 12th, I'm going to tell her that Abraham Lincoln would have been 212 today.
  8. My buddy was talking about wanting to short Bitcoin. Is that possible? Is there some 3x Triple Bear Bitcoin leveraged ETF or something out there?
  9. In JackBox3, I like Trivia Murder Party and Quibbage if it's a larger, raunchier group. Guesspionage is fun too.
  10. Agreed. Many great ones were lost over the past few months.
  11. I think the Broncos have a decent chance of winning outright and I've heard others say the same for Atlanta. Atlanta's defense is playing much better now.
  12. Not a board game but Jackbox.tv is awesome if you have a group of 4 or so. It's played through the TV but people use their phones to answer/type/play/etc.
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