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  1. Breaking: The Michigan Supreme Court has declined to consider an appeal from Trump's campaign over the access provided to election challengers at TCF Center, where Detroit's absentee ballots were counted.
  2. i need more money to keep buying...LOL
  3. But he's not challenging anything specific with election fraud. He's just saying it can't be trusted so keep me in power. Come on man.
  4. https://twitter.com/johnkruzel/status/1337135543373733889
  5. https://www.reuters.com/article/usa-election-threats/website-targeting-u-s-election-officials-draws-attention-of-intelligence-agencies-idUSKBN28K34F
  6. Here's the Christian Family Coalition arguing that the election results in Pennsylvania and other states must be invalidated because it's unconstitutional to not have finished counting all the ballots by the end of Election Day. https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/22/22O155/163386/20201210145330551_22O155 Amicus Christian Family Coalition CFC Florida.pdf How Christian of them.
  7. And in the case of PA it is republicans who want to throw out the votes based on the rules that republicans wrote. Makes sense.
  8. I think people would get it if you could find one freaking example of proof or evidence where this actually occurred. Their entire argument has been turned upside down based on the 1-55 win/loss on all of the lawsuits. So amazing you don't get it.
  9. This is a long and interesting thread. Seems to me we really need to investigate ES&S voting machines. https://twitter.com/GrassrootsSpeak/status/1336713647050153984
  10. I love to be informed. Inform me. You seem to have such a great command of understanding the political landscape of the internet, this should be easy for you. Outside of one off cases or mistakes we see happen during every single election, show me an anomaly of fraud that is so severe this election that we need to take it to the SC. I'm open to learning and understanding everything.
  11. The onus isn't on me to go find evidence you claim exists.
  12. OK. What is the evidence? The one court case they won was to allow republican or trump observers to view the ballot counting from 6 feet instead of 10 feet.
  13. There has been zero evidence presented so far, so what is the driving force to do this? What is the stated goal in your mind?
  14. https://twitter.com/bradheath/status/1336870248142811136 https://twitter.com/bradheath/status/1337040686839963650 How can anyone be okay with any of this?
  15. Damn coastal elites trying to tell everyone what to do. Oh wait...
  16. This is a good read... https://themargins.substack.com/p/doordash-and-pizza-arbitrage
  17. It's sad we are going through this all because one man....one freaking human being, can't come to grips that he is going to lose. Being a loser is the worst thing someone can be in his worldview. And we are stuck dealing with his insecurities and inability to cope.
  18. https://twitter.com/RepKatiePorter/status/1336484551783194624
  19. The other thing I need to add is that I'm working on this basically alone. No kids, single for two years now. In the past, I had a significant other keeping me in check. I feel like I've done an exceptional job reducing my intake, making mostly good decision, and checking myself truly just for myself and no one else.
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