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  1. Sixers predictably #### the bed at home against the lowly Cavs. Sexton and Garland run circles around "elite defender" Ben Simmons. Hope your weekends go as well as mine
  2. You already see what a difference maker he is. Big reason turning them from league laughingstock to potential playoff team in short order.
  3. People discounting Rams are also in toughest division (far and away IMO) in football too. These picks could wind up being pretty solid 1sts. That Det got 2 1sts at all as a rebuilding team that they mutually agreed Stafford wouldn't be part of is just awesome. I think SF (and their killer D when healthy) will upgrade on QB this offseason as well. Stafford is a huge upgrade over Goff but the Rams also benefitted from the 49ers being absolutely decimated on both sides of the ball with injuries this year. Kyler another year under belt + an offseason to work with Hopkins. Sea + LA + SF + AZ g
  4. Eagles furiously on the phone calling teams offering a 1st to take Wentz. Just don't have whoever their new head coach is do any talking....
  5. 100% Love the comment is now "If Draymond has a place". At least it's accepting he's been unnoticeable and useless the past year and a half. And now one of the worst contracts in the sport. Only another 3 seasons after this one. And fittingly, Green also now can't shoot
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